Grade the Season 4 finale of 'This Is Us':


  • Linda G - 2 years ago

    I am totally confused? Jack can now see, he is an OB doc, he has an 8 or 10 yr old daughter. He was only 1 year old when Kevin found out he was having twins. The twins were at their dying grandmother’s bedside when the were about 7 years old.
    Blind Jack should have only been 2 yrs older than the twins and he is already a grown man with a horse, daughter and a medical degree??? Makes no sense??? Were things presented in the wrong order?? I was so very disappointed in this finale.
    Hope next season returns with the familiarity that we as viewers are used to. Horrible job guys.

  • SueAnn Sheridan - 3 years ago

    End of season 4 left too many loose & confusing ends. It’s by far the best series ever until last 3-4 episodes of season 4. Too confusing & too difficult to follow. Hated it. A huge disappointment. So can blind grown Jack now see? What’s with man & unruly horse is an on/Gyn? How does he fit in & aunt of new baby girl? Thought she was carrying twins. Terrible ending till Sept 2020. And was that an old Rebecca in bed at end? It sucks

  • Kay - 3 years ago

    I think the last season has been the worst. Randall and his mental issues made no sense, and baby Jack being able to see! Mandy Moore drives me nuts and the confusion of the character's will be the end of what once was a really heartwarming TV program

  • Beth - 3 years ago

    Kevin’s two kids are too young to be a result of Madison’s pregnancy. Jack ( son of Kate and Toby) must be in his early 20s when his baby is born so I think the final scene is 20 years in the future. No Kate :( Maybe Kevin has 4 kids? Two from Madison and 2 from someone else. Rebecca in the bed is WAY more than 10 years older.

  • Llf - 3 years ago

    Very confusing storyline. Left me feeling frustrated with the ending. The writers did not leave loose ends they left frayed ends. Very disappointed.

  • Diane - 3 years ago

    Too many secondary characters. You have lost the integrity of the plot I want to know more about the main characters. During too much of the show, there were people I did not know. It’s boring.

  • Sharon L Eliot - 3 years ago

    I think Madison dies in childbirth and Kevin raises the kids alone until he married Sophia again

  • Shell - 3 years ago

    Could Cassidy, Sophie, and Madison all be expecting?

    Always a pleasure to watch. Looking forward to many more seasons!

  • Erica - 3 years ago

    I gave this a B instead of an A for a couple of minor reasons. One, I thought the Dr. K scene dragged on waaaay too long. And at the end, when they showed future Kevin and Randall, it couldn't have been more than eight to ten years later, because Kevin's kids were about that age. So why did they show Kevin and Randall so aged?? Kevin looked more like the kids' grandfather.

    Does anyone else feel like there have been a few too many secondary characters brought in? I mean, it seems like Malik's story line was just dropped halfway through the season. We barely saw Deja.

    But I loved Kate and Toby, and Kevin and Randall were heartbreaking. It left me wanting more and eagerly anticipating the next season. The richness and complexity of this show are unparalleled, and the performances are stunning. ♥

  • Karen - 3 years ago

    Who was guy with horse and the red head girl with horse? I figured out that Jack and girl who had Hope are All grown up, but can Jack see? And the Aunt is she the adopted sister? Curious to see who the brother Jack married, he is with the twin after all? Maybe divorced? A lot to ponder til September. But the horse scene has me stumped.

  • Lucette - 3 years ago

    My theory - when Dr. K delivered the 3 babies he told Jack and Rebecca that one of the babies died who they named Kyle. Flash forward to the season finale — I think the OB doctor who was with Madison in the exam room—his father was Dr. K and he is the son of Rebecca and Jack—he never died—Dr. K told them that so he could take the child and raise him as his own.

  • Carol - 3 years ago

    It breaks my heart to see my favorite program EVER so totally lose its direction. I found the season finale of This Is Us to be a rambling wreck! Too many story lines going at once; too few satisfying answers; too many characters to keep track of.

    I remember fans complaining about the second season of this show, saying it had become much too dark. I think the same can be said of this season, only worse! Take Randall, for instance. I used to love everything about Randall. I loved his personality, his commitment to his family, his interaction with Beth. He gave hope to all families that that kind of family love and stability is achievable. But now the writers have changed him too much — his ego, his delusions of grandeur, his narcissism. Whereas Kevin has been allowed to mature to the point of becoming a darned nice guy, Randall has become so unlikable I cringe every time I see him on the screen!

    I understand that a season finale is supposed to leave the audience with unanswered questions. But this ... this chaotic mess just didn’t work for me at all. It left too many unanswered questions. Who the heck is Kevin engaged to? Who is this doctor and his daughter and why spring them on us now when we’re already overloaded, and desperate for explanations about the characters we already do know and care about? Instead of introducing a new character at this late date, couldn’t you have shed some light on a character who’s been with us from the start and whose story has been glaringly ignored from Day One? I’m talking about Miguel.

    I do hope the upcoming season of This Is Us will give its loyal fans a reason to continue watching.

  • Alice - 3 years ago

    Just wondering why Jack (the rock star) seems to see sign of I the only one who noticed this?...could he have had some miraculous surgery? And also they have aged all of them waaaaay too much for their timelines.

  • Alice Perli - 3 years ago

    Just wondering why Jack (the rock star) seems to see sign of I the only one who noticed this?...could he have had some miraculous surgery?

  • Sammy - 3 years ago

    Jack & Lucy - baby Hope - Jacks adopted (?) sister is Hailey - art gallery girl

    “guy” (Dr Mason) with horse HAS a wedding ring on, horse named George ???? - daughter named Sadie and wife could possibly be lady asking how much he paid for the horse.

    Too young to be their pediatricians son in law when they were young - his daughter got married at 25..... they’d be 65+ - maybe HER kids? (Dr Ks grandkid? He does make a “lemon” Dr K) Because he is fond of the wedding picture after talking about dancing with her at her wedding.

    Future: Kevin has wedding ring on and twins - daughter has really long blonde hair - maybe he and Sophie got married and he has shared custody of kids with Madison? Or he’s just flat out married to Madison

    Also Nicky has wedding ring on in the end scene- maybe married Cassidy?

  • LaDell - 3 years ago

    Too many new characters and way too many timelines. I agree with others that the characters seem to have aged more than they realistically should in some scenes. Randall is acting like a jerk, which is really too bad because I've always thought he was Rebecca's favorite. On the positive (?) side I'd really like to stop watching the show, but I'm not sure I can.

  • Sherry - 3 years ago

    Very confusing OB and daughter? Kevin and Nicky? Was this the finale? What happened to Madison and Hailey and who was Hailey? Sorry spent too much time trying to figure out all the characters.

  • Zara Mekhi - 3 years ago

    Madison I feel is the old (Rebecca's obgyn) doc is the lemon to make into a lemonade - Kevin true love story

  • Max - 3 years ago

    Interesting what Mary said about the aging but ... Kevin was supposed to have twins and didn’t the boy call him “Dad”? I’m now dying to know who Kevin married! And thanks for filling in some things I missed. Love this show! It better be renewed !!

  • Donna - 3 years ago

    Only confused about the new ob doc and his daughter. First thought maybe it was Dr K when younger, since he had a girl, but then when he walks into to see present day Madison I knew it wasn’t Dr K. Still wondering if they play into more of the family plot? I did NOT pick up on the part where Kevin and Nicky both had rings on. Yay for both!

  • Catherine - 3 years ago

    Jack having a sister(adopted), Toby could be her father. A surrogate mother perhaps seeing Kate wouldn't get pregnant again.
    As for Kevin and Randle they both want the best for Rebecca and it looks as things have calmed between them. Randle is in Kevin's home and Kevin seems thankful his brother is there for him and their mother even though Rebecca won't recognize any of them.

  • Mary - 3 years ago

    Loved it! I like all of the generation skipping and stuff. Thinking about that end scene... the "twins" appear to be around 8, maybe 10. Kevin looks like he aged a lot more than 8-10 years. Hmm... We assume the person in the bed is Rebecca, but would she have aged that much in 8-10 years? The person in the bed has long white hair - looks more like 20 years......?

  • Cheri - 3 years ago

    Found this season totally confusing with all new characters and the time warp. I’ve kinda lost interest. Don’t like Randall being so arrogant.

  • Tahonia - 3 years ago

    Both boys have imagined themselves walking through fire to save their dad, but only one actually had the chance, and didn’t. Randall is extraordinarily hurt that Rebecca chose to go to Kate to help her because he’s always felt—and not entirely correctly—that he was the only person that could fill Jacks shoes. I dont believe we’ve ever learned how Randall managed to let Rebecca marry Miguel have we? Maybe Randall is making her go through this trial to take her away from Kate and Kevin, maybe to punish her for keeping him from his real father?? Anyhow both boys have incredible issues to sort out.

  • PAMELA E. PIETRO - 3 years ago

    It took a lot of concentration, but I figured out who everyone was. It was a wild ride and absolutely intense. Great show.

  • Dotty - 3 years ago

    I have to watch this episode again. Little confused with the new characters. A lot going on in this episode

  • Susan - 3 years ago

    Kevin is just an awful, awful selfish person. I HATE how he treats Randall. I hope future episodes show him apologizing to Randall and showing them being close and loving brothers and friends!!!!

  • Beth Kay Tamayo - 3 years ago

    Confused about who the OB and his daughter are and how they fit in the story.

  • Sheryl - 3 years ago

    Too much confusion for all the new characters

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