Should the Chargers sign QB Cam Newton?

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  • Wyatt you Cam haters make me laugh - 2 days ago

    Wyatt you Cam Haters make me laugh

  • malcolm felix - 2 days ago

    Richard I cannot believe that is the only thing you remember about an MVP SEASON IN WHICH HE RECIEVEDF 49 OUT OF 50 VOTES. It is clear you never like him

  • Sal Lopez - 2 weeks ago

    Cam is the missing piece to this charger team they got defensive cover with them jack-boys & on offense they got WR Allen, RB Ekeler & TE Henry add Cam in the mix It’s calling for Trouble. Top it off with chargers playing in the new stadium no fence but Tyrod Taylor ain’t going to be selling tickets like Cam Newton.

  • Robert Andersen - 2 weeks ago

    They would be stupid not to sign Cam gove him a chance! Dean you gotta do it!!!!!GO BOLTZ!

  • Richard - 2 weeks ago

    Just remember a qb showing his S on his chest and then not jumping on a fumble. Actually backing away. Loser

  • Shelton - 2 weeks ago

    This is a no brainer!!! In all his years at Carolina he’s never really has weapons to through other than Greg Ottom. At the same time taking his team the playoffs along winning league MVP and taking them to the Super Bowl!
    Meanwhile Phillip Rivers has been blessed with these weapons along with a good defense and hasn’t done much of anything other throwing for a lot of yards. No different than Matthew Stanford.

  • Edward Bradley - 2 weeks ago

    yes I think we need Cam..he still has skills

  • steven spagon - 2 weeks ago

    one year deal, you have a very good QB if healthy...

  • Wyatt - 2 weeks ago

    Why would we sign Cam Newton? He is not a natural passer, he’s injury prone, no leadership, and he’s a crybaby. Stick with Taylor, draft Tua or Herbert and if they’re gone somehow, draft Isaiah Simmons and stack the defense

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