Do you agree with Trump on ‘opening up’ the US by April 12

  • Tina - 3 months ago

    I voted yes !!!! If we don’t get America back to work it will open a whole other can of worms and it won’t be easy to start our economy back up . Lazy will set it ....

  • Marlena - 3 months ago

    I voted yes - there is a delicate balance between what’s best to protect people medically and what’s best to protect people’s livelihoods. In an ideal world we could stay 100% quarantined in our homes with all businesses closed for months until this virus is eradicated. However, this country’s economic system cannot sustain this kind of a shutdown for that amount of time. We can only sustain ourselves for a matter of a few weeks - after that the # of people who lose their businesses and end up on the streets rises exponentially. Our country would be thrown into a depression that rivals or surpasses that from the one in 1929. The # of families devastated (along with many who would commit suicide as they did in 1929) from losing everything would be substantial. So experts are saying that the tragedies and death toll of the people of this country from the destruction of our economy would actually be worse than from this virus.

  • Melinda Allred - 3 months ago

    I think we all want to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I don't think we are ready yet. I live in North Carolina and cities like Charlotte, Raleigh, Duram and Chappelle Hill are reporting new cases daily. In my opinion, I think we should not be discussing reopening the US until we start seeing the numbers begin to decrease and survival rate increase. I do believe President Donald Trump is doing everything he can to help the American people during this horrible time. He is the only man that can bring us through this.

  • Terance - 3 months ago

    My vote is No... Infact we need a country wide shut down like Italy wish they had done like the one that India is doing now... There or asymptomatic people unknowingly walking around infecting others because they dont even know they have it.. Yes its an inconvenience to all of our lives to have things shutdown but some of us want have a life if we continue to take half measures to save it... Its irresponsible To think other wise in my book because all life is essential.. We cant just think about the things we or misding out on in life and rush this thing we have to do our due diligence to ensure we rid ourselves of this virus the first time because if we dont this thing can come back and set us back even further like its doing in hong kong right now...

  • Midge Dosher - 3 months ago

    I think we should let the President do his job, pray wisdom for him and get rid of all invalidated reports. Stop fake news all together. The country is so confused because one doesn't know what is real and what is just to sell, sell, sell there agenda. I think it would be great if the people working in the Government should have same benefit's that the people that hired them. I am in the high risk category for our recent vires and before all the restrictions were put in place I self quarantined. I think if anything should be voted on is A) COMMON SENCE: (1) If one can use common sense fine do what is necessary to protect yourself and those around you.( that is called Freedom.) or (2) If not then let the government tell you where to go when . that is called Socialism (bad thing) You cant have it both ways. LET THE PRESEDENT DO HIS JOB.

  • Beth Powell - 3 months ago

    I voted yes, but I don’t know if setting a particular day for the entire country is what should happen. There are places that are being hit hard, and there are people who are high risk that may need to keep their distance longer. We can’t wait 4 or 5 months though.

  • Elliott - 3 months ago

    If the Coronavirus had happened during the struggling Obama economy, there would have been no shut downs or quarantines.

  • Patricia Moore - 3 months ago

    I voted To keep the social distancing in place for a time although not total shutdown because most of my family and friends are in highly dangerous demographic. I think 21 days is more effective.

  • Kathy Glenn - 3 months ago

    I voted yes, however, it depends on individual areas and concerns. Hot spots, age, comorbidities should be taken in consideration. By Easter, a clearer picture should drive the narrative.

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