Grade 'Stumptown' Season 1 as a whole:

  • Ruby Forrest - 4 weeks ago

    I will definitely boycott ABC if they cancel this show. LOL actually it's the only thing I watch anyway! Please keep it, the best of TV

  • Peteymak - 5 weeks ago

    This is a really GREAT show. With all the junk on tv. There has to be a place for this somewhere. Smulders is outstanding as Dex and the rest of the cast is so complementary..
    By the way, great comic also.

  • Carol - 6 weeks ago

    My husband & I love this show. Action, humor, good stories.
    Tookie & Ansel are my favorite characters. Please renew!

  • Jen - 1 month ago

    Kristy Swanson or Marisa Tomei should play mom.

  • Laura Henderson - 2 months ago

    Enjoy the Dynamics of all the characters.

    Wish the ratings were not based on that particular group. They do not watch TV!
    Nor read books. Do they even know what a newspaper is? Lol. They do text, play video games, and maybe watch Riverdale or StrangerThings...just saying.

  • Judigirl - 2 months ago

    Love love this show! Love every single character, esp Dec and Ansel. It ticks every box for hubby & me. I watch & record it every week so hubby & I can watch it together if he's traveling. Best show we've seen in a long time. No matter who plays mom Perios, it will be great... Season 2, at least a few more episodes to really wrap it all together. Please!

  • Sandra brandenburg - 2 months ago

    Great show ! But does it matter to the networks? I’m tired of networks canceling programs because the younger age group doesn’t watch. They are raising families running around with their kids in sports . They don’t have the time to watch much tv . Adults mostly over 55 sit and watch tv . So take away what we watch . Some day they might realize it .

  • Dale - 2 months ago

    Really hope the show is renewed.Really like it.Keeps getting better.

  • Janet - 2 months ago

    So amazing to have a super-strong-yet-flawed woman as the star!
    Sigourney Weaver as the mom.

  • Cynthia Moore - 2 months ago

    PLEASE, please sign Stumptown up for several more seasons!
    Show is very entertaining.
    Several strong characters in this show.
    Story lines are so believable.
    We enjoy and need this show!

  • Vera telesh - 2 months ago

    Love the show. Please bring on Season 2!!!

  • Lynne - 2 months ago

    Love Stumptown! Especially Michael Ealy!!!
    Don't cancel

  • Mark - 2 months ago

    Diane Lane or Demi Moore for Mom

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