Grade the 'Magicians' series finale:

  • Chuck Ponticc - 11 months ago

    I’ll miss the show ... thanks for a great 5 seasons ... kind of wish they had a Quinton cameo in the final episode ... oh well ... guess it wasn’t in the cards.

  • Kari davis - 1 year ago

    I Love a good story, something to really lose yourself in and I found that with the Magicians. I must say the ending was great. But what made it great is that feeling of excitement and wanting to see more of the characters. I came to love Margo so much thru out the seasons and that smile/smirk at the end was perfection. Deep inside I'm hoping it's not really an ending but maybe eventually a move to netflix! Haha.

  • Kane Ekeland - 1 year ago

    So as a person who has seen the show and read the books the show was based on, I feel I have a bit of a unique viewpoint. I LOVE them both. I’m an avid reader/watcher of quality stories. I feel the magicians show has accomplished something very few shows that are based on books ever do, and that is to accurately convey the tone, and theme of the original novels, while staying true to who the characters are. The events in each are quite different, but there is no doubt that the show captured the heart of the story Lev Grossman was trying to tell. A story about the amazing beautiful exciting world of magic and the dark underbelly that comes from the cold harshness of glaring reality. It’s a story about flaws, and coming to terms with who you are, even if that isn’t who you... thought you were. Are there aspects of the direction the show went that I disagree with? Absolutely. However, the show creators undoubtedly created something beautiful by adapting the heart of Lev Grossmans world into something that can be viewed in an episodic manner (which I wouldn’t have imagined was possible for this story from the books). And the cast pulled it off wonderfully. So for keeping in the spirit of growing to accept that some things must come to an end, I think everyone involved in the creation of the show, achieved something magical.

  • Teresa Johnson - 1 year ago

    I'm totally bummed. Every time I get into a SYFY show it gets cancelled. Is it possible to have a series that doesnt cancel? Sci-fi just isnt what it use to be.

  • Tyler Brantley - 1 year ago

    I’m a little upset with how the series is over. I just feel like the energizer of seasons 5 last episode left with a cliff hanger. I just don’t know how to I Feel about this. I grew up through high school watching this and is what has helped me grow and now it’s over. This reminds me of Once Upon A Time. That was a great tv series and ended really well, just wish magicians ended with a restart.

  • Linda Newton - 1 year ago

    Loved the story line from the first moment. Enjoyed all the characters. Will miss the cast and stories.Thank you Magicians.

  • Jane - 1 year ago

    I'm still kinda waiting for them to tell us it's an April fools joke... I guess I'll have to accept my grief as part of me.

  • Randall K Evans - 1 year ago

    I can not believe that SYFY canceled this show before the sixth season!!!! That is so disappointing!!!! I really hope Netflix picks it up like it did for "Lucifer" from Fox. I would love to get to see them rebuild the kingdom and Julia, Penny, and baby H.Q. find the rest of them. I loved the finale but am very sad to see it go.

  • Gregory Hoddy - 1 year ago

    Thank you!
    As in the core of this Brilliant plot,
    You will find a way! (New and Better network) Netflix?
    Cast, fans and Fillory live on!!

  • Michael Harter - 1 year ago

    Brilliant show and Masterfully executed finale. Love the sense of new adventures that could be in store.
    I can't think of a better way to end, except I really miss not seeing Q. I would love for Netflix to bring this show back to life.

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