How would you rate the government's response to the coronavirus?

  • Jim - 1 month ago

    Without energetic testing, response and policies are daydreams. Those in power who don’t rely on science will doom everyone they are sworn to protect. Death is the penalty for those who put their faith in trinkets, wishful thinking, and shallow leadership. Test as many as is humanly possible. Get data. Use science. Use your brains!

  • Paul Valon - 1 month ago

    A debacle from the beginning with the President publicly promoting Social interaction and demonstrating it at his Rallies by shaking hands with everyone and kissing babies.
    Not the actions of a sane person, and definitely not the actions of a responsible leader. By his many other actions since becoming Pres, he has proven hi is not a Leader or a competent President in any way.

  • Mick - 2 months ago

    Hey Carlos get your head out of where the sun doesn't shine. If you do not test the existing numbers are totally misleading. Do the math. Even at 1k( supposedly) the numbers will blossom into the tens of thousands and hundred of thousands in less than 2-3 weeks. Have you been paying attention to what is going on in the rest of the world?

  • BEN REINA - 2 months ago

    President Obrador famous words were "TODO ESTA BIEN" is going to come back and "haunt" him. He is living in a dream world and all he is good at is discussing what old past presidents used to say in the history books. He repeats old history but doesn't know how to resolve problems that are now affecting and will soon affect the whole country. Seems like allof his "administration" are afraid to tell him the "truth". They are all afraid of loosing their jobs. He is also arrogent, a, overbearing and self importantance type of person. I feel sorry for all the people of Mexico and especially the poor who are depending on him to make life better for them and their families.

  • Ed - 2 months ago

    AMLO is a (sad) joke, but the local government of Q. Roo has finally stepped up and shut things down here. I just hope it isn't too little, too late as Q. Roo already has the most Coronavirus cases per 100,000 in all of MEXICO. And that is with virtually no testing. The almighty tourisim $ kept things open and allowed the virus to come in and start its spread.

  • Humberto Morales - 2 months ago

    The Governor of Jalisco could be the Next Presidente of Mexico to replace the dumb shit we have as a president in Mexico
    what a disgrace, how bad is making us look the whole world is watching our country El Partido de Morena you are guys are SHIT @$#$%$%$

  • Noreen - 2 months ago

    We are expats from Canada living in Chapala, Jalisco, and feel that the strong measures taken by our Jalisco Governor, are very positive! He acted quickly, and even Guadalajara's population is observing the curfews and isolating themselves. This will help our State to reduce the amount of serious cases and recover quicker! Unfortunately AMLO ‘s attitude resembles Trump’s! It will take a long time for the world economy to recover from this terrible pandemic!

  • Joe Stines - 2 months ago

    I moved from Florida five years ago. Yucatán’s Governor Villa’s response has been well over 100 percent better than Florida or the rest of the US if what I read is correct. Thank you Governor Villa.

  • Bliss - 2 months ago

    Mexico generally is testing only doctor's referrals so the number of actual cases is vastly under reported. South Korea tested over 3000 people for every million. For perspective, Mexico recently did 65 per million. It will get sadly much much worse.

  • david - 2 months ago

    AMLO is a cheerleader like Jimmy Carter was. And the expat retrieving items from his hurricane collapsed home wearing his NO BAD DAYS tee shirt during the 1995. Peso devaluation. He lost twenty thousand dollars a month after he screamed at me that the peso was stronger than the US Dollar.

    Speculators would have chewed through a peso support US Dollar support of the peso like a wolf eating rabbits. Then Mexico would have left with a weak currency and broke.

    EPN would have bought millions of dollars in hand sanitizer. And other presidentes would flirt with exile like shorty de el chromedome

  • David R - 2 months ago

    Another delusional president! When all the deaths are tallied up ,what will his amulets do for them? It's sad to realize that many world leaders are not in a position to manage serious crises or listen to the experts around them.

  • Gene Raymer - 2 months ago

    Schools are closed. Offices are closed. Beaches are closed. And worst of all, liquor stores are closed. Many of the businesses still open are limiting access to a few people at a time.

  • Carlos M - 2 months ago

    A country of over 129 million and only about 1000 more or less infected I think It is been handled rather well. Compared to the USA and almost 60,000. Yes, the number may grow higher but the point is that it is being handled well. Fifi's(fake news) just like to misinformed people, including here in this website. They need to get it thru their heads, AMLO is here to stay and the seeds will be planted. HAHAHA!!!! :)

  • Craig - 2 months ago

    Person who slagged Canada along with the US and Mexico in regard to preparing for the virus should check his facts. Canadians are generally very happy about the response of their government. The results when it comes to our communities social isolation campaign have been extremely positive vs. the US and Mexico.

  • George - 2 months ago

    Well, AMLO hasn’t helped much by setting an example. He has been encouraging large group events where he’s mingling with the crowds, shaking hands as well as hugging and kissing babies. He’s been encouraging everyone to get out and enjoy life and the company of others.

    He seems to have been following Trump’s playbook. Around a month ago, with mounting evident and warnings of a mega epidemic in the making, Trump was STILL holding one massive rally after another. At each one, as seen on nightly TV, he was ranting that this virus nonsense was just another hyped-up hoax by the Democrats to try to damage his re-election. The projections of the impact and death rates are overblown by the fake-news media. “I have a hunch,” he repeatedly shouted, that the death rate will NOT be 2 or more percent. It will be less than one percent, probably less than a half-percent. And it will just disappear all by itself, he repeatedly said.

    The United States government, kicking and dragging, is slowly turning around.

    AMLO seems to be doing so, too. Strong measures were announced last night and the word is spreading today about mandatory shut-downs of non-essential activities, including work. Folks are told to stay at home.

    That’s a great start. Doesn’t seem to provide much of a safety net, though, for income continuity for all those who are ordered not to go to work. Hope there’s more to come.

  • David J Warren - 2 months ago

    I am a big fan of AMLO's as a better politician on the side of the worker in Mex. But I will admit he was out of his mind on the Corona Virus situation. I guess no one is perfect...look at Trump. "I have had the best ratings on TV ...better than the Super Bowl!"

  • Robert Brown - 2 months ago

    Although S. Korea suffered dearly, the virus could have wreaked havoc there. S. Korea and Vietnam each prepared in advance of the spread realizing the potential for huge numbers of cases and deaths. Their leaders did not carry amulets to protect them, they relied on science and experts to protect them and their citizens.

  • Bruce D Cameron - 2 months ago

    As with governments in the other two North American countries, they have been guilty of criminal negligence for waiting until the first infection arrived before doing much. Did they think the virus was going to fly over N. America and leave us alone? What are they smoking in Mexico City, Washington and Ottawa??

  • sherryl lacey haverhals - 2 months ago

    Agreed. People, carrying the infection and unfortunately, dying within days of arrival, are still being allowed to fly in from out of the country. This places health workers as well as the population in danger.

  • Juliet McLarenjm - 2 months ago

    As for AMLO]s response to CVID-19. . . Is there one? From the news it seems not.

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