Have you ever experienced symptoms of Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

  • Patsy - 2 months ago

    I've experienced this since childhood. During an attack I would feel my body shrinking down to the size of a doll and all the objects around me would become huge and distorted. It scared the hell out of me and I would run to my parents and try to explain what scared me that much, but they had no clue what I was talking about.
    I still experience it sometimes but it doesn't scare me any more, I just observe it and continue what I'm doing.
    I also see the blue flashes sometimes, and the wobbling geometric figures. They don't bother me most of the times, although once in a while the bottom half of my vision is covered by them which makes it hard to talk normally to other people. Somehow it's important to see someone's mouth moving when the are talking to you and sitting in front of you..

  • Shelly Schuster - 2 months ago

    Yes, it starts with numbness my finger tips (only on one side ) that moves up my arm to my face. While moving up my arm my vision changes to zig zag pattern or tunnel vision (similar to a camera flash going off); nausea will have began during this. Then the pain in my head and vomiting.

    FYI the pattern at the top of this page - the little dots with the thumbs up - is something that would set off the beginning of the process! Might want to change that

  • Christina Fulton - 3 months ago

    I have experienced this, but never associated them with my migraines. Reading this was itself a very experience. Like, OMG, yes! I've had times when my fingers feel really large and sometimes it's like I'm watching myself do things. So strange. Thanks for this!

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