Did the election of Donald Trump have a positive effect on your mental health?


  • MizzBarnes72 - 3 years ago

    When the Orange Meance was elected, I got to see alot of subtle racism (sadly, there is such a thing) and damn stupidity from people that known for a very long time. It was very sobering to see, and sadly, I will admit that I glad that I saw these people that I called collegues and now former friends, for what they really are. With that being said, the grand orange has
    0 positive affect on my mental health. I cannot listen to this stupid mother fucker talk, because it sounds worse than nails on a chalkboard, his policies are complete trash and just the sight of him is nauseating. I wish he would go away.

  • Keyote - 3 years ago

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    Trump's election left depression ringing in my ears like tinitus long after a concert. The tears of responsibility and joy I shed at 6 in the morning the day I stood in line to vote for Obama, were replaced with the chilling inner tears that sent shivers down my back realizing we were heading back to something frighteningly familiar. That it would once again be more of an open season on our lives, rights, and opportunities.

    His election reinforced the idea that Obama or any other politician cannot/will not 'save us'. It has always been up to us, be responsible to save ourselves, and by that save the country we built. I haven't mentally checked out of the politcal process, I just realize elections are only irrelevant if those elected aren't held accountable during their term by those who put them in office. This president is arguably the worst in history, but I try to lend my atttention to those actions and people coming together to educate and act to offset this administration.

  • Kim - 3 years ago

    Hi Rod and Karen! I am happy Instacart and Amazon workers are fighting for their rights. On Saturday I went to pick up an order from Target. The young woman who came to my car had no protective gear on. Then she wanted me to sign a device. I asked her where her gloves were and she said she didn’t have anything but her hand sanitizer. Other Targets don’t even require you to sign. I told her to be safe. I got a survey from Target and I was positive but I did admonish them for not protecting their employees. Again I was positive but implored them to treat their employees with better care. I did get an email where they said they were not going to require signatures. I hope they give them gloves and masks too. I work in pharmacy insurance. The hydroxychlorqine situation is crazy. We have had to put certain caveats on the dispensing of this drug. I had a call today where the mbr said it was sold out in NY and she needs it for a long-standing condition and can’t get it. Crazy days. We still have it in stock but who knows how long.

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