Grade the 'Hawaii Five-0' series finale:

  • Beverly Shelton - 2 months ago

    Hope they bring it back but if not I hope they at least give us reruns.

  • LaSonia Thompson - 5 months ago

    Please bring my show back!!! Lord, why cancel lit? I look forward to my crime shows...absolutely the best....I love the whole damn team and McGarret is my guys gotta bring them back

  • Bree - 6 months ago

    Please bring the show back. I can deal with McGarrett being gone since we know he’s with Catherine. But bring back everyone else. Even Danno could retire and I would be fine!! Just bring it back!!

  • Joseph Biggerstaff - 6 months ago

    Hawaii 5 O was a great series and the ending left to much open. I hope it returns so the viewers can get some closure.

  • MarkM - 6 months ago

    H50 was the only for sure tv show for wife and me. Painful void now. Perhaps when Alex heals you’ll bring him back? In the meantime, too much good still there not to continue. Great characters, awesome acting, amazing screenwriting. Please bring it back.

  • Dawn wade - 7 months ago

    I miss Hawaii Five-O you need to bring it back if Alex doesn't want to come back and play Steve you still have Danny and the rest of the group please bring Hawaii Five-O back I miss that show so much

  • Kristin Lugo - 7 months ago

    Hawaii five 0 has been an amazing show with I’m sure lots of viewers. I feel that it should continue with many more seasons just like other shows. Voting should be out there for bringing on more seasons. There’s still so much story to tell. Season 11 please

  • Angela Evans - 8 months ago

    I live in the UK and it’s my favourite program please don’t stop it, please bring on a series 11 ????

  • Alison Westley - 8 months ago

    I have throughly enjoyed this series. The ending was brilliant, even brought a few tears.
    Would love to see Steve come back (maybe after 2 years) for the wedding of Tani & Junior

  • Lorraine Rosario - 9 months ago

    Bring back the show with Cole and the new crew! We watch for the show not always for the characters. Sometimes change is good!

  • Martyn Dunwell - 9 months ago

    Bring H50 back even without McGarrett , it’s a must watch for all our family

  • Sam O. - 9 months ago

    Hawaii 5-0 was a great show. Why not re-consider? Bring it back for season eleven (11). There are many die hard fans. Please give the fans what they want. Season eleven (11).

  • Tareree - 9 months ago

    Come guys please bring Five-o back please.!!????????????????Won't be the say without it man.
    But I guess all good things have to come to an end.
    Great show guys!!✌????????????

  • Jeaanette - 9 months ago

    I agree wholeheartedly with all the rest of the comments. Bringing on Lance Gross in the last two episodes was an awesome idea. Even more so, to continue with him would’ve been an excellent choice. I’ve watched Hawaii Five-0 from the very beginning, as well as the original Hawaii Five-0, which starred Jack Lord. It has been a part of my TV life for many years.

    The cast of Hawaii
    Five-0, played their hearts out. There was excellent chemistry between all of them., which i’m sure is why it lasted so long. Kudos to all the actors in the show. ???????? It was an action packed, non-stop adventure ride to the very end. I will surely miss it from my TV lineup. ???????? Hoping to see it in some form sometime in the future.

  • Kris - 10 months ago

    Please bring back Hawaii 50

  • Kris - 10 months ago

    Please bring back Hawaii 50

  • Carolyn - 10 months ago

    The latest cast of Hawaii Five O is the best yet. Especially Katrina Law and Lance Gross, both have special charisma.
    Katrina has sex appeal and makes eating a croissant look very irresistibile. Lance could charm any female into doing
    anything. Too bad the show has ended or it could be a tremendous hit with these new stars. Of course, Ian Anthony
    Dale, Meghan Rath and Beulah Koale, Jerry Ortega as well as Chi McBride are excellent in their roles. CBS should consider running the show without Alex O'Loughlin and even Sean Caan. This is my opinion and wish, for what it's worth.

  • Edward Malinowski - 10 months ago

    The show was totally awsome. Could have made many shows and 11 season with the couple getting married it's good to see a show family oriented a good clean show. Please bring it back, my whole family I always look forward to Friday night for a Hawaii 50. Very disappointed that it has come to an end

  • Adam - 10 months ago

    Love this show they really have to bring it back always loved watching it every friday night

  • Barbara Blair - 10 months ago

    That what's my favorite Friday night show because I wouldn't go anywhere. Hawaii Five-O with its characters was a awesome show action pack from beginning to end so why in the world would they not want a season 11 to the end. Mcgarrett Daniel and all of the rest of the characters in the show they play their part so please bring it back because you got Lance cross in that show.

  • Ernest Willich - 10 months ago

    Why in the world would CBS end a show everyone seems to love and leave crap like Steven Cobert on.

  • Romelda Austin - 10 months ago

    I’ve watch H5O from the beginning. It sad that there is no Season 11. I with the others, bring it back and let Lance take the lead. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it back

  • Andrew Abel - 10 months ago

    I am sad to see such a good show come to an end. I also agree why bring on a new cast member in the last two episodes of the series. I think CBS made a mistake by ending this series

  • Carolyn Paleczny - 10 months ago

    I am with most of the people on this blog. I love Hawaii 50 and see many more stories that they could do for future episodes’. Why bring that new guy in at all. He could have carried it on. He and Danno. It could have been interesting watching those two. Then the actor who played McGarrett could have made guest appearances and if he wanted to come back, they could have written him in. It’s just really sad to see them go. I get the actor with back issues. It’s got to be painful for him but I think they could have kept it going.

  • Tyler tracey - 10 months ago

    PLEASE TAKE A BREAK, take a brake from the show but do not take it away fully, I have grown up with Five-0 and it's sad to hear your dumping it out, Alex, the unit, and Peter need to take a brake , and the rest of the crews and figure it all out, and by that I mean take a trip and enjoy the peace, then come back and give us chapter 2 season 1 of hawaii five 0 with Alex and the whole unit,btw pls make the mystery a little more complex between Steve and his father's character. Aloha, I will 'see you soon' not going forever????

  • Mary - 10 months ago

    For 10 Seasons of this series, why was there not a TWO HOUR finale? This show has been on a long time and has devoted fans who deserved a better buttoned up finale. Too many open storylines.
    This finale was rushed and a little chaotic to me.
    CBS you disappoint the very dedicated fans that watched this show through the highs and lows of the characters lives.
    We will miss all of them, including the newest member that fit in seamlessly. Wish Duke, Kamekona and Max could have at least made Cameos

  • yagen naidoo - 10 months ago

    I watched every single episode... Was really sad to see it end... Finale episode could have been better... We didn't get to see shrimp Brothers and Duke... And danos kids... End was just left hanging... Hopefully season 11 returns...

  • Jhun - 10 months ago

    Bring the rest of the crew back. This is one of my he best shows the Network has. They are crazy not to bring it back. Every once in a while Steve could check in on calls.

  • LaD Carter - 10 months ago

    Love H50 and hate to see it cancelled. Hate to see Alex O, leave. He played McGarret sooooo well! And I noticed Alex O, produced this episode, Excellent, Excellent Job!! Hope CBS will bring H50 back. I Like the fact of Cole holding down the fort til McGarret returns, too! I also enjoyed the finale storyline from start to finish, I was a captured viewer the entire time on Friday, April 3. They need to keep this show for certain. All the characters are so identifiable and genuine acting!❤❤

  • Blanche - 10 months ago

    I love H50 and have watched since the original series was on TV and was thrilled when the new H50 series was aired. Please, please bring it back after actors have had their well deserved reprieve. Thank you for such an awesome series on TV.

  • Nancy Wallace - 10 months ago

    Finale was very weak. Lincoln would have been an excellent replacement for Steve. Some great characters you just dumped. Katrina Law was an excellent choice. Catherine and Steve can go. She was never a favorite of mine for a love interest for Steve. But if you insist they can go. Lou was great as an emerging Father figure to the group and yet with his own set of issues. Tani and Junior were an easy to accept . Then Adams confusion seemed only to be beginning to sort out. Plus the rest of the cast. This could have continued.

  • jeffrey selnick - 10 months ago

    they never said good bye to duke or the big guy shrimp boat guy.i think hawaii 50 will be back.there were to many loose ends.most finales are 2 hours and tie every thing up.tell cbs to bring it back and get rid of magnum p.i.let's get a rally going.write cbs.

  • Rita J - 10 months ago

    I agree with everything Daniel, Dennis & Camille said earlier about H50....i too have been a fan of H50 since it was brought back again as a series.....the addition of Lance Gross was an excellent idea & he fit right in with the rest of the cast....they all could continue to carry the show....i understand Alex leaving & wish him well health wise, but please, please, reconsider bringing H50 back. I also liked the supposed cliffhangers that surely would have been cause to bring the show back for a season 11 & beyond....and why wasn't the food truck guy & Duke, not brought in for the final goodbye? PLEASE BRING THE SHOW BACK!!! PLEASE

  • Bob - 10 months ago

    Finale was horrible, everything rushed into an hour. Too many unresolved issues, no explanation as to why the unit is being shut down. This show deserved a better exit.

  • Dennis - 10 months ago

    Never done this before, but H5O is an excellent show. I get that Alec Loughlin has back issues, but the rest of the cast could carry the show. And the addition of Lincoln Cole is amazing. Please reconsider. This show has many more seasons of incredible stories to tell.

  • DANIEL J NEBESKY - 10 months ago

    I have watched H5o since beginning! I do not want to see it go, please bring it back! The cast is awesome, screen writing is awesome and now with the new character if Cole!! Please bring it back

  • Camille - 10 months ago

    I have been a 5-0fan since the beginning.. Please, please bring it back.. You had thrill, heart, fun, excitement all in one place.. The chemistry of the cast.. And the story lines. Today people have different types of family and this show had always shown the human, family side with all the confusion in a day.. Very sad if not brought back????

  • Sandra Flores - 10 months ago

    I've been a Hawaii 5 O fan since Jack Lord. I hope you reconsider and being it back. I ABSOLUTELY love Alex as Margaret and all the cast!!

  • Steve - 10 months ago

    Bring back hawaii 5 0 with the rest of the cast

  • Randy - 10 months ago

    Why didn’t they have all the characters in the last day? There was several characters missing that should of said bye. Ie. Shrimp truck gang

  • Janet Dickson - 10 months ago

    I would really like someone to explain... maybe I missed a segment? What was in the crypt? Money? Where was it from? Why was the Lincoln Cole character brought on for two episodes? Is there a series for him in the future? I loved him!

  • Lyn - 10 months ago

    My husband and i really love the show please bring it back.
    It is a very good show please do not end the series!!!

  • deb - 10 months ago

    I did not like this last show to much violence for end not enough emotion till end an the guy thatnhadnthe food trknon beach wasnt there to say goodbye i think itncould of bn a better story sad to see a great show end just bc of one actor poor decision tonend shor

  • Howard - 10 months ago

    Was good but I would of liked a wedding or two. Would of been great. Love weddings

  • Linda Drion - 10 months ago

    Very good ending , thanks for bringing catherine back when he needed her the most.

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