'Hawaii Five-0' series finale: Are you glad Catherine returned?

  • Janelle Flores - 6 weeks ago

    I really miss watching H50 with Jack Lord. I really hated to see not even reruns ???? Now that I started watching this one, I'm so sad there won't be any new series.I was looking forward to season 11. Awesome show. I'll really miss watching H50 ????

  • Jan Schagen - 2 months ago

    Van de finale had de schrijver Peter beslist meer kunnen en moeten maken. Dit heeft hij echt niet begrepen. Het lijkt wel of hij Cat Michelle helemaal afgeschreven had. Het verloop van het verhaal stond hem niet aan dus kon van hem Cat Michelle even in beeld komen maar dan weg. Te erg voor woorden. Dit kan anders. Het wordt ook anders gezien in de praktijk. Steve & Cat hadden voor of in de finale samen moeten smelten en minstens 3 afleveringen een gelukkig getrouwd paar kunnen zijn. In blijde verwachting natuurlijk.

  • Gina - 10 months ago

    It would’ve been really great if the show had been a two hour ending but it was only an hour long and Danny got hurt pretty bad and I guess I was more upset about the show ending the way it did really not having enough time to have everyone say their goodbyes and the way Steve got that chance and nobody else did. I loved the show a lot it was always crime fighting, somebody always chasing somebody else, always trying to catch their man, woman always hunting the person in the background that was always there but never seen, always having to find the truth about someone or some thing, things didn’t always come to close all the time, It always fascinated me by the way the show is set up always in the beginning and always at the end of the show I have watched all of Hawaii Five-0 since I was a little kid and the old and the new are so much different but still kept you going I feel bad that I won’t be able to watch it anymore I feel bad for the people that were involved in the last show that at this point don’t have anywhere to go I wish them all the best and I hope that you do bring it back with the same characters the same people to start again maybe a different style of Hawaii Five-0 with those same people it doesn’t necessarily have to be with Steve McGarrett he can you can use a person at the end that would be great who came in to sub as he wanted him to be it would still be a great show

  • Cynthia Godby - 10 months ago

    This caught me by surprise. There wasn’t enough notice that H50 was ending. I am very happy that Catherine showed up to fly away with McGarrett. I had hoped that he was going off to find her. It would have been nice if it had been a 2 hour ending with more of a detailed goodbye like some other series. Castle comes to mind with the happy family and kids in the future.

  • Annie Luna - 10 months ago

    I love the series and hate that they ended it. The last episodes were awesome and I love bringing Catherine Rollins and have their happy ending:). They should have hug each other and kiss on the plane though! Very happy they ended together:)

  • Yvette M Jones - 10 months ago

    I thought that bringing Kathryn back was brilliant. I am, however, a bit disappointed that the series has ended. I also watched the original H50 when I was a child so I was excited to find out that the network was going to air an updated version of the original. The season finale was a sad day for me as a huge fan of the show. The characters will be missed in my TV lineup. :(

  • Tammy - 10 months ago

    So sad that Hawaii 5-O has come to an end. Loved this show and all the characters. When I heard it was ending I was hoping and praying that Catherine was going to be in it and at the end my dreams came true! Cried happy tears. Thank you for 10 great years!

  • ANDREA SIBLAG ALMOZA - 10 months ago

    Please please please ...dont let H50 end, lot of shows are not so original as H50....Friday is always a day to look forward to, its perfect with H50 to watch. Steve pass the torch to Lincoln Cole so give him a chance to lead the team, I am sure they will be supportive of him. They all seem to be comfortable with Cole. When it started, Steve was also scary to work with and then everything fell into place and it actually became the best island show ever. So please keep it running! Thank you Mr. Lencov for bringing us this show and please fight for it for us. Can you move to other studios if you have to?

  • Karen Coyne - 10 months ago

    Thank you Mr Lenkov for giving us the perfect ending. Steve and Catherine always had great chemistry. She was the only woman he ever loved. She would have said yes to his marriage proposal had she not been called to duty. They were good together and loved each other, period.♥️

  • Peter Kay - 10 months ago

    I'd like to see season 11 continuing with the new team member until Steve returns in the future. I believe it would be great. Steve returns towards the end of season 11... married.

  • Al Marengo - 10 months ago

    Im glad Catherine came back for Steve, she was the only women he really loved

  • Fabienne Blondelle - 10 months ago

    For 7 seizoen I like it but eveter than it was not good enmore new team did work the story are so lauw and now Steve living his home his dany because hi wond peace cat the women did always living hem and just like his mother in seizoen 6 she gone work for the Cia alex dond wond a relationship with her hij zei it a couple times five beginning with Steve and dany and it have the end with Steve and dany

  • Dee Guess - 10 months ago

    Takes a piece of my heart with it. I think Chi had real tears, know I did. Leaves the door open for the future! Hope the other actors do a spin off....just something to tickle our hopes! And we always loved to say, “hey we were right there! I know that scene or building!! Every time I saw King Kamehemeha I remembered Benny the entertainer we got to know....tremendous memories and a tremendous show! Hey, I am 76, maybe they have H50 in heaven. Hope so!!

  • Jane - 10 months ago

    The end with Catherine was a complete slap in the face to Alex - who has ALWAYS hated that relationship, and never, ever hidden his feelings about that. He has said in interviews before that while he would have to play it as written if Lenkov chose to make Steve accept Catherine back, Alex personally would view it as a "cry for help", for a character who clearly would have "no self-respect, no self-protection" against a woman who has done nothing but hurt him again and again - and also that Steve did not "want to marry his mother" (because Catherine was written into a bloody clone of Doris). But Lenkov never gave a crap about Alex's feelings on the subject, and simply pandered to the McRollins shippers, and did an utter disservice to the character of Steve and the show as a whole - going so far as to RETCON his own bloody canon to make this fit. Steve and Catherine BOTH agreed that the WORST thing they ever did for their relationship was start sleeping together, and that they were MUCH better off as just friends. As Alex said - she was NOT the one that got away, she was the one that was never meant to be. That Lenkov made him actually go back and eat those words (and retconned the show to do it) is disgusting and shows how little respect he truly had for Alex as an actor.

  • F. Pereira Costa - 10 months ago

    My deep love for Hawaii always got a thrill watching H50, Friday nights were always about catching the latest episode. Thank you cast and crew for a brilliant job these past ten years, I've enjoyed the show tremendously. I'm sad it's come to an end for sure but bringing Catherine back was perfect. They were always meant for each other and it brought me PEACE.

  • Valerie Gray - 10 months ago

    Sorry about that. I drop my cell and seen where it submitted my comment in the middle of my sentence...As I was saying, you get so emotional attached to the characters and there lives on the show. It was so hard to watch Steve say his goodbyes to his team. I got tears in my eyes just watching. But when i saw Steve sitting there on that plane and hearing that voice “ I have missed so much” I knew it was Catherine. I absolutely lost it. I was so excited to see her in the end. What an endgame for the show. Thank you for that. Steve can find that peace his was looking for and doing it with Catherine. I would’ve love to fast forward to see them married with a couple of kids. But I’ll take it. Hopefully, we will see them ALL again, maybe Magnum since they had cross over shows before. Goodbye Five O! Dearly love you all. Miss y’all already!

  • Valerie Gray - 10 months ago

    Hawaii Five O was my favorite show ever. Never missed a episode. So sad to see it come to an end. You get emotional Attached

  • Lazara - 10 months ago

    Happy Catherine was back but I wished they had a done a time jump where we see them married and with kids.

  • Joshua - 10 months ago

    No doubt the best show on television for the last 10 years .

  • Gail Rivera - 10 months ago

    The only way I would have accepted it ending...unless they jumped into the future and showed that McGarrett and Catherine were married and had children....and were happy, obviously.

  • Suzanne - 10 months ago

    This was the only way to end this show. Steve and Catherine were always end game. I think it would be awesome if they could do a couple of specials every year or so with the same cast (although I am not as fond of the newer team - I loved Chin Ho & Kono). I will miss the dhow as well as the beautiful scenery.

  • Elaine Estrada - 10 months ago

    Love, love LOVED H5-0!!!!!! I can't say it enough. Besides the fact that I just love Hawaii, this cast past & present were absolutely superb!!! The ending was perfect Lenkov because they really were Ohana! Aloha and thank you! #lovemyh50

  • Ritch Beatty - 10 months ago

    I haven't felt this sad in a long time, especially over a TV show, even though I don't really watch TV that often. Butt Hawaii Five-O this one of the only programs that I watch on TV and I do it every Friday night with my mom who is now 92 we have never missed an episode and it gave me some special time to be with my mom, after 10 years of watching a show you kind of feel like you know the characters personally and you get emotional with your feelings with what they are wrapped up in from week to week. It's very sad that the show is ending it's one of the best it's not going to be the same Do not sit in front of the TV every Friday night with my mom and enjoy the hour that that show gave us

  • Ron Zurawski - 10 months ago

    H50 was one of my favorite shows. So sad to see it come to an end. You just fell in love with all of the actors and their parts, just like you knew them for real. Hopefully there will be re-runs on some station.. I was sitting on the couch watching as the minutes ticked down to the ending of the show. When Steve and Danny were sitting by the beach, I started to get that emotional feeling come over me. Then when Steve said goodbye to Eddie, tears were running down my face. And then with all of the 5-0 team coming in at the door and saying their goodbyes, I pretty much lost it. So sad to see it end, but when Catherine came up to Steve on the plane, that was such an awesome way to end the show for Steve. Maybe that was him finding Peace. I'll miss this show and the people, but maybe someday, we will see all or some of them again. Magnum PI would be a good show for some to periodically appear. Goodbye H50.. Peace!!!

  • Ramona Delgado - 10 months ago

    I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE this show is ending!! My husband & I have always looked forward to Friday nights winding down from our busy week. We realize Alex has put his life on hold to give us the enjoyment of this program, however maybe he could come back with his family to Five-O & his Ohana. Please consider this alternative from the his loyal fans. Missing it already!!!!

  • Klong - 10 months ago

    Loved this show and HATE that it is ending
    Nice ending for Steve but so much more with the current and new member.
    Can I vote to keep Five 0 on.?? Cancel Magnum there is nothing for viewers to wrap their arms around.

  • Lynn - 10 months ago

    She's lied to him constantly and is basically his mother only younger so good luck Steve you'll need it! Lenkov always had an obsession with her though so I'm not surprised at the ending.

  • sammie revisky - 10 months ago

    If it had to end ???? bringing Catherine back was the perfect ending. ❤️

  • Eugene Raymond - 10 months ago

    This was one of my most favorite shows and I will miss it very much !! I was hoping they could have continued this show with the rest of the cast as they did when other members of the cast left the show !! I think the show could have continued and grown with the present cast and maybe McGarret could have visited with a family at a later time in the series ! I miss this show already !!!!!

  • Randall Yee - 10 months ago

    From watching since it first aired in 2010 we were always together every Friday night. Now what am I too do? Kinda have a feeling Hawaii-five0 will be back. Hoping to see Taylor Wily in the last episode. When we went back to the island to visit Ohana, we would watch The Hawaii - Five0 crew & cast film on the streets. Thank you for supporting the local market. G

  • Nancy Hartz - 10 months ago

    That's how I'm assuming the story would've went if continued another season. He deserves his happiness.

  • Nancy H. - 10 months ago

    Hate that the show has ended. It was emotional and you can tell there wasn't enough time to officially wrap up lose ends. BUT I am SO glad Catherine returned and if there would've been another season she and Steve would finally have there HEA. She gave him peace and they BOTH would've retired and been guest stars on future episodes after getting married of course!!

  • Irelevant - 10 months ago

    It ended very well, Still sad to see it go it gave me ten years of excitement suspense and happiness, Thank you Hawaii Five-0 cast and crew good luck with future endeavors.

  • Joan Mastrogiacomo - 10 months ago

    The last episode was good, but am sad to see it end. Was my favorite show. Will miss all the actors, especially Alex (McGarrett). The story lines were superb!

  • Darrin Graham - 10 months ago

    This was a very hard goodbye for me, the first one was with Jack Lord, I wish all the crew luck in life, ????????????????

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