What is your personal experience with COVID-19? (multiple answers OK) (Poll Closed)
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  • TH - 1 month ago

    I have a coworker who was presumed positive but only had minor symptoms as was back at work (remotely) a few days later. My brother currently has it and is feeling very sick (still at home, just miserable).

  • Mr. H - 1 month ago

    I tweaked the answers to make "presumed positive" an alternative to those who weren't tested or who think their test gave a false negative, which does seem to be happening out there.

  • BeeZee - 1 month ago

    Same as "Me@Home". I had symptoms in late Feb, but no tests available.

    I'll also add that I'm pregnant and had to go to the ER last weekend and it was terrifying, not only for my only medical emergency (which turned out fine, thank god), but also for knowing I was sat surrounded by potential covid cases. A family of four adults all came in coughing and sputtering everywhere and tried to sit next to me in the waiting room. I glared and asked them to move away and they did very grumpily. Once I was in a room I felt slightly safer, but when you think you're losing your baby, your husband can't come with you, the clinical staff are stood feet away from your bed, it does take away any semblance of a positive experience. (My physical medical care was still top-notch, it just all felt so so unpersonal and definitely added a crazy amount of stress.)

    I have self-isolated since late Feb when I was sick,, but when you *have* to go out in the world to do something (e.g. go to the ER), all your best efforts go down the toilet.

  • ncboudicca - 1 month ago

    No option for "co-worker returned home from Spain, was sick for 3 weeks afterwards, yet tested negative for covid-19 (also tested neg for flu)"

  • Jon Keevil - 1 month ago

    Missing choice for my sister is a nurse in a NYC hospital. Sick at home for 3 weeks - all signs of COVID but no testing done. Now back in ICU and feeling a little safer than most.

  • Michael - 1 month ago

    Public service announcement: it’s now more widely being reported that RT-PCR tests for coronavirus are showing a rate of 30% false negatives. If you test negative for coronavirus and have symptoms, guidance is to assume that you have coronavirus, self-quarantine, and continue monitoring your symptoms. Seek medical help if you develop difficultly breathing.

  • Jess - 1 month ago

    Need option for those that test positive and are presently still sick. Naturally we’re all praying that last “recovered” piece is the eventual outcome.

  • Me@Home - 1 month ago

    I didn't see an option for "had a flu-like illness that ticked all the boxes for COVID-19 but could not get tested because it wasn't bad enough to go to the hospital."

    That describes me, my entire family and most of my friends and neighbors.

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