Is Dr Catherine Calderwood's unreserved apology for breaking the stay-at-home rules to visit her holiday home in Fife enough?


  • Baz - 4 years ago

    This is breathtaking. A life in politics, SNP obviously awaits.

    She talks of a ‘mistake’ ?
    SHE herself drafted the advice she THEN went on to ignore !

    And what about Sturgeon ? Initially she claimed she couldn’t do her job without this individual being at her side, THEN backtracked, obviously having noted the public backlash to this hypocrite.

    Merely another example of Sturgeon’s poor judgement.

  • John mc neill - 4 years ago

    To Brian Webster

    You just don't get it do you?

  • Mr C Mcgregor - 4 years ago

    She should be sacked for gross misconduct the police have a hard enough job trying to contain people from breaking the rule of law and carrying out on the spot fines. the medical staff in the Scottish NHS are doing their jobs above and beyond what they are asked to do. The Armed forces are being asked to help out hundreds of people are dying and family and friends are grieving and not being able to see off their loved ones due to the rules. Sorry but there should be no survey or vote on this matter as her feet should never had been allowed to take her to another covid-19 update nor should she be in the role of C.M.O.

  • Geoff Thorpe - 4 years ago

    She is an absolute disgrace, she should be sacked immediately, without any compensation or golden handshaky

  • Isobel Mccoy - 4 years ago

    She has to go because she is now harmful to the campaign as no credibility.. If the campaign does not work ...well we know what will happen. I don’t need to spell it out.

  • Christopher Lloyd - 4 years ago

    The CMO for Scotland should be sacked or resign as this is the second non-essential trip she has made, and she still clearly ignores her own advice, hence so will everyone else. If her car breaks down or is involved in an accident this will call on emergency services when this trip is clearly not essential. Yes, she should resign or be sacked.

  • Jean Taylor - 4 years ago

    "She made a mistake, apologised "

    The only mistake she made wascthe mistake of being caught out breaking the rules. It would have been a mistake if she had not known what the rules were. That clearly can't be the case. I suppose she might have made the mistake of thinking the rules don't apply to her.

  • Prutina Sivewright - 4 years ago

    Yes there are others who are not abiding by the rules so that is all the more reason for the CMO who keeps telling everyone to stay at home to do what she is saying. Why will the people she is speaking to now do what she is telling them. Saying sorry is easy after you have been found out would she be sorry if she had not been found out. She is a disgrace and should not be doing the job she is doing if she cannot abide by simple rules in order to help the NHS and the scottish public. If outside exercise is banned her and others who cannot do what they are told are too blame for this step. I go out once a week for essential shopping and even then I am afraid that I will get infected by this virus and take it home to my husband who has been staying at home as he has underlying health issues. Yet the CMO thinks it is alright to take her husband and her family to her second home not once but twice. She has made the Scottish goverment a laughing stock due to her actions.

  • Chic allan - 4 years ago

    A witch hunt by the other political parties and the media. She made a mistake, apologised and now getting on with an important job.

  • Brian Webster - 4 years ago

    I think this is madness that the public and press are all over this when there are parks across the country, this very weekend, full of people. People not adhering to the social distancing instructions. The CMO went from one home to another, with her own family, via car. I think the risk was minimal if at all and this woman should be commended for her work and efforts during this pandemic, not condemned. We are all only human.

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