What coronavirus-related practice at shippers/receivers has been most noticeable in your operation the last weeks?


  • Chip dodge - 4 years ago

    Receivers are illegally requiring us to hire lumpers ,you cannot unload your own freight and that is 100% illegal

  • Bubba J - 4 years ago

    Shippers and Receivers are on the ball, everyone's working together to get things moving quickly. Loading or unloading has never been so smooth. Keep up the great job people.

  • Deplorable Dave - 4 years ago

    Rates have taken a NOSE DIVE! SHIPPERS ARENT SELLING FOR LESS. BROKERS ARENT GETTING LESS $$. So what do they do? Stick it to the drivers with the Chinese Wuhan flu excuse. We cant run and survive on 88 cents to $1.20 a mile.

    Its dirty pool, and despicable practices. I hope it bites them in the ASS! THIEVES! Not all, but you know who you are!

  • DebDingo - 4 years ago

    Temperature checks at military bases

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