Who do you think will stay together on Decision Day?


  • Irene - 4 years ago

    Katie should grow up......such a wannabe princess. What’s with taking that turtle, she should be charged with theft of wildlife!

  • Myrah Daniel - 4 years ago

    I think Austin and Jessica are the only 2 who will stay together.

    I would like for MAFS to have Mindy and Derek back on with better picks for them and give them a second chance for true love. I hope the Experts do a better job at picking couples next rime. Also pick Christian people or at least people with high moral standards. Sick of a the cursing and F words. Unnecessary and a turn off to not watch the show.

  • Peter - 4 years ago

    Two different Decision Day Episode previews show that Mindy and Zach DID appear on Decision Day, and that Mindy expresses that her separation from Zach may have been a mistake, while Zach says that he knows Mindy came into his life "for a reason". Could they at least briefly reconcile despite early rumors that they immediately divorced??? There's also suggestion that Brandon might not have shown up. Sounds like some unanticipated "twists" and surprises may be in store!

  • Mike - 4 years ago

    I think Katie has some serious self esteem issues. She said she would like Derek to be a little confrontational with her that turns her on. That is mental and she has some issues.

  • Susan Smith - 4 years ago

    Wish Lifetime would do whatever to be aired on YouTube Live. Just came off of cable, using Amazon Firestick
    Do not want to purchase another provider for one show
    Watched until last week when we changed. This group of couples were awful. Too much drama, no common sense

  • Yvonne King - 4 years ago

    This is the last I will be watching this program. Marriage is a holy communion with God at the center and I’ve seen NOTHING concerning couples praying with each other or their marriage. I’ve heard more beeps due to filthy language and drunkenness then I like. Can’t people do anything without alcohol being the center?

    Katie is a totally undeserving of Derek. He’s such a sweetheart. He is romantic and genuine and funny. She is self-absorbed and immature. I hope they don’t stay together because he deserves someone who wants to share his dreams with him not turn him from them. Is she even for real?

    Jessica and Austin would be the ones who make it if any of the couples survive this horrible season.

    Taylor is a party doll and I’m not sure why she wanted to be married. Brandon is a mystery with anger issues.

    Michael is having issues with opening up and trusting Mika but in his defense, she is depressed, nagging woman. She has been on him since the honeymoon. Move on. I don’t see them making it at all. She has not even kissed him since the wedding day. (I don’t recall) no affection at all between them.

    Terrible all the way around. I hope they all find Jesus, first, and then I hope they can find someone to love and be happy with.

  • Sue - 4 years ago

    I agree about Katie being a spoiled brat and her constant fault finding about Brandon is an indication that she will never be happy. I doubt her ex boyfriend will even be interested after he watches this show.

  • Michelle - 4 years ago

    Katie is nothing more than a jealous immature spoiled brat. Quite frankly I can’t stand to watch her attitudes and constant tantrums. She’s the child in this relationship, she thrives on drama and constantly creates it, who would ever want to subject themselves to that? I even question her ability to properly function as a mental health professional when she’s all over the map herself. Nothing stable about her at all. Derek deserves someone better and that will support his dreams and live a life having fun and exploring all that life has to offer. I hope he says NO!
    This season has been an absolute train wreck.
    I hope when Michael watches this season back that he’s ashamed of himself. Unbelievable honestly... at some point you have to stand up and be a man and stop using your child hood as an excuse for everything. Does he have 1 honest bone in his body? Meka move on and find someone worthy of you. It’s hard to digest that the “professionals” matched these couples at all, based on what? Maybe match.com would have worked better. And the conduct and pressure these producers put on these couples is unacceptable at times.

  • Linda - 4 years ago

    Derek deserves someone who supports his future plans. Katie is a Debbie Downer. He'll never have his own life, and his dreams are not unrealistic. I hope he's smarter than she is.

  • Denise Hundley - 4 years ago

    How did they miss paring all of these couples

  • Mimi - 4 years ago

    I hope Derek tells Katie to take a flying leap. She'll always be a miserable, demanding princess. Run Derek run!

  • Vee - 4 years ago

    Only Jess & Austin will live happily ever after the show stops filming. ALL the other couples are doomed and will not go past filming

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