Coronavirus: Should the Scottish football season end now?

  • Salami John - 1 month ago

    Just extend the season and allow every team to determine their own fate or glory!

  • John Thomson - 1 month ago

    Stop all leagues now. No relegation from any league. Promote the highland and lowland champions to division 2. Then promote the top 2 teams from each league giving 44 teams in leagues of 14,10,10,and 10. Should take this opportunity to restart a new season with league reconstructed. Just my tuppence worth.

  • Fran Walker - 1 month ago

    Like I said Philip Joyce, it’s a bit pointless kicking a ball around a field what with social distancing, no hugging and cuddling allowed now. Time for a change of career, maybe something a little more worthwhile.

  • Andrew Allan - 1 month ago

    Perhaps finish the season but not right to award titles to anyone yet- least of all Celtic!

  • Stan Simmons - 1 month ago

    There is no reason the season cannot be restarted and played to its entirety once the health all clear is given. Next season would just be delayed and eventually everything will get caught up. You can’t just throw away more than 2/3 of a season.

  • Philip Joyce - 1 month ago

    Football might not be important to you, but it brings employment to many millions of people (and not just footballers, who don't all make the big bucks) and enjoyment to even more.

    There are copious ancillary careers dependent on the sport's global reach; it goes way beyond a mere football club to caterers, cleaners, ground staff, club shop staff, turnstile operators, programme sellers, stewards, local shops, cafes, fast food outlets and pubs, newspaper employment for journalists and photographers, TV crews, presenters, the staff who make those shows, all the radio crews, the many websites, and the list goes on. And then there's a club's place in society and its influence on the surrounding area.

    Football, in all its forms – from a friendly game with pals in the park all the way up to the highest level – is not just kicking a ball around a field for exercise. It is so much more than that.

  • Fran Walker - 1 month ago

    Is football really that important? Kicking a ball around a field is just exercise, get over it!

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