Have you unfriended / unfollowed people over politics in 2020?


  • La’Quita (la kee ta) - 3 years ago

    I had to delete one of my bros. Turns out he was a...(dramatic music)...Bernie bro ????!!! Once Sanders dropped out, I asked “does Bernie dropping out mean another 4 yrs?” I legit thought I knew my audience. One of my guys came thru like “yeah we putting him BACK in”. He said it with such authority I got upset. I got more upset cuz he black...and we had been out. He was an imposter!! How can he be a trump supp..? I couldn’t hit “block” quick enough. So glad I didn’t give him any cuz I woulda had to buy one of them Goop cleansing eggs

  • Viva - 3 years ago

    Nope, I let them jokers go last decade

  • Barbara - 3 years ago

    I also did the MUTE/ UNFOLLOW/ UNFRIEND back in 2016. That being said, I have been snoozing and hiding FB posts a lot since the beginning of the year for non-political reasons....

  • Brichette (Brie-Shay) - 3 years ago

    I haven't unfollowed anyone over politics in 2020 (yet) but I feel it coming. There are still a lot of people defending churches being open and I can't have that stupidity on my feed much longer. I did most of my unfriending during the Black Lives Matter years.

  • Anne - 3 years ago

    Same as Raven. I cut them loose long ago.

  • Raven - 3 years ago

    I voted “No” in the poll because I already unfriended everyone around me with messed up political ideas back in 2016, so there was no need to unfriend anyone else now.

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