Grade Netflx's 'Too Hot to Handle':

  • Dirce Lima - 1 year ago

    Unfortunately i was expecting way more for the show! I don't think they've learn anything and no one found true love. The show was boring and the contestants never took it serious! They miss the point!!! I have to say the same about the production, in the end there was no criteria for the prize, everyone got they're part even if they didn't do anything to deserve it. The worst part was when Lana said that for them to win the money back Francesca and Harry can't brake the rules for one night, common i found it very childish! What grade of difficulty is in that?

  • Dércio Ching-Fong - 1 year ago

    Está série é muito excelente. Já mais esperava assistir algo assim como está série, ela me fez pensar sobre várias coisas, e me mudar em alguns aspectos. É mesmo sensacional.
    Quero vos pedir uma coisa, com todo respeito por favor façam a temporada 2 e nunca parem.
    Obrigado, muito obrigado mesmo ????????

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