Have you ever tried an open relationship?


  • Really Dark Knight - 4 years ago

    Props to all of y'all who are interested in an open relationship. I know it isn't for me. I mean monogamy is hard enough and I think some (men) would just think of the sex aspect. But that is a small part of the relationship and seems like a lot of damned work to keep everyone happy.


  • GreenEyedBandit - 4 years ago

    Does it count as an open relationship if the other person finds out after the fact? Asking for an ex.

  • Bryttani - 4 years ago

    I said yes and it wasn't for me but only because I couldn't just say yes. I loved it! The only reason I am not in one now is because I moved away from that relationship and my fiancee is not cool with it. He's just a bit jealous he always thinks I'm gonna leave him for another woman. I wouldn't do that but I think I would add one to the relationship. Get a break sometimes lol.

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