Grade the 'Little Fires Everywhere' finale:

  • Betty - 1 year ago

    Bad message ok to ru off o loving couple and keep your child running from the law. Also you can kidnap your child from a loving and wonderful advantages. Plus being stupid enough to leave your darling baby on step. Then the other kids helping to put the house on fire. Dumb

  • Betty Maire - 1 year ago

    I was put off with feeling that everyone was ok with Mia taking her child after taking money and taking her child and teaching her to lie and be on the run. Also Bebe kidnapping her child. Leaves her on a door step.

  • Patricia Castiglioni - 1 year ago

    Why did they have to change so much from the book? Mia was not THAT unlikable and not THAT obsessed with BeBe. Changing the ending was really the reason I didn't like the Hulu series. Acting was great, esp the Richardson children but too many changes.

  • Marquette - 1 year ago

    Loved the series. Seriously thinking about reading the book. Izzy was my favorite character. Mia was broken and emotionally detached, at times even from Pearl. I'd watch the series again in a heart beat. I would also love a second season to expand on the characters lives but I don't see how that would make sense...specifically Mia and Elena. I feel sorry for Elena ..she didnt love herself enough to love others effectively. I also feel sorry for Mia...she spent so much time running and guarding....she alienated herself in fear. This was such a good series!!!

  • Cat - 1 year ago

    The acting was excellent for the most part. Reese was a bit over the top and Joshua’s character was understated until the finale. The young actors were great. Kerry was too brooding for me. But my biggest frustration was the novel and film editing. Bill could never have been the attorney in this case. Too many conflicts of interest. It drove me crazy! But all in all, it was a pretty good limited series based on a book that had its own flaws.

  • Katey - 1 year ago

    Being from the suburb next to Shaker Hts., I loved this series.,every episode was better than the one before. Loved the shout outs to Weinens & Arabica. Brought so many memories back. The acting was sensational. Thought Reese Witherspoon & Kerry Washington we’re both superb. Loved Joshua Jackson too. Kids were great but thought Izzie was phenomenal. I have watched each episode twice.,wish it could have been a longer series but think all loose ends were tied up very nicely. Thank you Reese & Kerry. Might have to read the book now.

  • Jackie Revilla - 1 year ago

    I loved watching this show! It was so good. The ending was epic. I feel like I need to know more though. Like does Elena change? Where is Izzy? She wasn't with Mia and Pearl. What happens to the rest of the kids?

    I need more!!

  • Mary - 1 year ago

    I really enjoyed the movie especially the abrupt ending.
    The ending was a cliffhanger.
    Where is Izzy?

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