Who do you see wearing masks in public more often?


  • Felix - 3 years ago

    I only go to my local shops that are a 5 minute walk from my house and most times I'm the only one wearing a mask and gloves. There's cases in my city (in the north of England) so I really don't understand people that aren't a bit extra cautious. One time a lady was out with her 2 kids (no masks or gloves and one of the little gremlins was coughing) and they would not give me space. The mum was begging them but I ended up having to turn around and politely ask them to give me some space. Felt so bad having to scold someone else's kids and the lady was so apologetic. If stuff wasn't running out from folks hoarding early on I think thered be less people out desperately looking for necessities. I'm really lucky my local supermarket was bought out by an international company though, would have died without my array of seasonings and tropical fruits.

  • LaKeta - 3 years ago

    At first, I saw mostly black people with gloves & masks. When I started seeing the whites do it more (but still not as much as blacks), I was happy to see that people are finally "getting it" now. But lots of whites in Nebraska seem to believe that their whiteness is some kind of shield - touching people, talkin all close & shit, PUTTING THEIR NASTY ASS FINGERS IN THEIR MOUTHS - but they're sloooowly acting like they have some sense.

  • Kemdoc - 3 years ago

    Praying we get to actually vote in some capacity in November. Every time we say, ‘they can’t get away with *fill in the corruption bingo card* or the republicans won’t let such and such slide, shyt slides and they get away with it...’ Four more years will send us into Handmaids Tale levels of society

  • Mark - 3 years ago

    Most of the black people I see have masks (except the guys who are too cool for the mask). Also gloves. One man had a giant cross - assuming it wasn’t for the virus, but still.

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 3 years ago

    My part of Brooklyn is majority Asian, and many of them were wearing masks before Covid 19. However,a majority of people without masks are 30-40 something white folks. I only go out every couple of days to stretch my legs and I only walk four or five blocks. There's not many people in the streets. It's pretty off putting.

  • D_Troubadour - 3 years ago

    Voted White people 'cause I haven't seen another black person since March. This aint over quite yet keep your masks on.

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