When do *you* think Mulder and Scully fell in love?

  • Lane - 3 months ago

    I'm so confused as to who picked seasons 7+. I think you captured the deeper meanings behind these episodes so well, and i also thought that the beginning of them actually falling in love was season two. Season 1 is too early and season 3 is not special in comparison to season 2 besides it being a good season.

  • Chelsea Mac - 5 months ago

    I think you hit the nail on the head! The subsequent events in the first 3 seasons solidified the bond between our two beloved agents, but I think Scully’s cancer scare was when she finally admitted her feelings for Mulder to herself. I think in Scully’s way, her diary entries were nothing short of a love letter and I think Mulder took it as such too.
    Besides, what co-worker holds on to one’s ova for years??

  • C - 5 months ago

    My favorite ship ever. I love how they started as a platonic love, and how strong was their friendship.

  • Joan - 5 months ago

    Mulder May be some what of a mess, but no-one respects as well as protects and loves her more. Scully’s emotions are so tightly wrapped she needs this beautiful emotional man to free her

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