Grade the 'Last Man Standing' finale: (Poll Closed)

  • Danette - 1 month ago

    Keep it going really good show

  • Burnett - 1 month ago

    Great show. Please renew but, schedule on a night that is less likely to be preempted by sports and/or something else.

  • Carol Crisman - 1 month ago

    I love this show keep it running!!!!!

  • T Richter - 2 months ago

    Get the old Mandy back!!! This new one just ain’t got it!!! Let Kyle have a dream & when he wakes up it will be The original Mandy & his new baby!!!!

  • T Richter - 2 months ago

    Get the old Mandy back!!! This new one just ain’t got it!!! Let Kyle have a dream & when he wakes up it will be The original Mandy & his new baby!!!!

  • PamC - 2 months ago

    I love Last Man Standing. I watch the re-runs everyday. Please DO NOT CANCEL. I look forward to many more seasons. This is my favorite show.

  • Laurie Hernandez - 2 months ago

    I love Tim Allen and everyone on this show. Please renew for many years to come. Great story lines and always laughing!

  • Mullins - 2 months ago

    I absolutely LOVE this show. I watch it every night even though I have seen every episode a billion times. I truly hope FOX does not cancel it like they have other amazing shows in the past.

  • Tiffany - 2 months ago

    I loved the last episode. I love all episodes of this show. It is nice finally have a show to watch I can relate to on all levels. So much of TV is garbage now. Thank you to the writers and actors for bringing an amazing show to their fans. Please bring this show back for another season.

  • David Alves - 2 months ago

    There has to be a season 9. I’ve followed this show since day 1 and have seen every episode. You can’t leave die-hard fans hanging. Must get picked up!!!!!

  • Gregory Hawkins - 3 months ago

    I love this show it is the closest thing to reality and a family that you will probably see on TV I look forward to this show every week if it doesn't come back for next season it'll be a big mistake for Fox

  • Paula Ryon - 3 months ago

    I love this show, but the last show left to many unanswered questions. Must have a season 9.

  • Sharon B - 3 months ago

    It would be foolish for Fox to not renew this show. It is a great sitcom in a sea of stupid and uninteresting programs on the air these days. We look forward to this every week and watch many reruns of this and Big Bang regularly. If the networks keep canceling all the good shows like LMS, I will stick to Netflix and Prime for all entertainment. I'm tired of paying high prices for cable only to get 200 channels of garbage. Please do not cancel Last Man Standing.

  • Mary Arnier - 3 months ago

    This is a great show..but FOX is known for cancelling good shows. I hope they dont. I watch the reruns all the time and when I heard they were back, i was happy, but afraid because they were on FOX...
    Please renew the show.

  • Jeannie Schiavo - 3 months ago

    Love everything about this show. Actors, actresses and the writing! I hope you are back for another great season! When I laugh out loud several times a all of you!

  • Gerri Kaufman - 3 months ago

    One of the very best shows on tv! Always there with a good laugh. Story line so natural it could be us or our next door neighbors. Please keep them coming!

  • Joe Heyer - 3 months ago

    It’s the only show worth watching. The bright spot in my week. Fox would be foolish not to renew.

  • Sharon Stroup - 3 months ago

    I'll be watching until next season returns❣

  • Pam Shallenberger - 3 months ago

    I love this show and would hate for it to be cancelled. Please bring it back.

  • Rod willis - 3 months ago

    My wife and I love this show. DO NOT CANCEL.

  • Beth Weber - 3 months ago

    I'm counting on LMS being on for season 9. Please don't disappoint me! There are very few shows I really like.

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