Grade the Season 3 finale of 'Good Girls':


  • Karen yocum - 3 years ago

    I love this show, season1and 2 kept me wanting more. Perfect rolls for each character, they really nail it! Season 3 was great but I’ve got to say the finale a disappointment.But I have high hopes for season 4, this cast and crew have much more to surprise us all with and I’m sure they can’t wait to do so. I know I’m ready for season 4 now! Thanks to the cast and crew and everyone involved in Good Girls you made my week, every Sunday evening. Thanks again!

  • Kristy - 3 years ago

    Addicted to the show. My daughter comes over every Sunday night and watches it with me! Sad finale over! Look forward to next season!

  • Gramgram - 3 years ago

    It wasn't the intended season finale, people

  • Maribel - 3 years ago

    Please come out with a season 4!!????

  • Cagstoy - 3 years ago

    Well given the season was cut short due to Covid 19, it left a lil suspense for next season. Love the show!

  • Charlie - 3 years ago

    I give it a B-. Last season’s finale was an A!

    One of my favorite shows but I expected more from the finale.

  • Deb W - 3 years ago

    Not as good as last year

  • Sylvia James - 3 years ago

    I love the show but for a finale i scored it above average.

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