Have you had more vivid dreams since the shelter in place orders?


  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 3 years ago

    Ooh, we talkin weird C-poc dreams? At the beginning of this pandemic, I had a dream about disembodied "zombie" hands walking around attacking people, trying to crawl up their legs or pulling on the hems of dresses, to turn "healthy" people into zombies. I remember discussing the hands and how we could get away from them because we couldn't get rid of them. Not scary, but DEFINITELY upsetting. I assume the hands represented the virus. Now I owe y'all $100 for this therapy session, lmao.

  • @momsdragwitswag - 3 years ago

    I have had a lucid dream that I tryna to escape my Jamaican ex and not because he was abusive. I kept calling him satan and rebuking him, n telling that I is married now. It was so vivid ..i had to apologize to husband. Didn't tell y though.

  • MizzBarnes72 - 3 years ago

    Ok, so kinda long story about one dream. So, one night, the podcast was on kinda late (for me, I'm ususally in the bed around 7:45-8:00pm) and I went to sleep on the podcast(no disrespect...I'm old) and I dreamed that I was talking to my homegirl that I used to work with at Target and was telling her about the podcast and how she needed to listen to TBGWT. So, in my dream, I got my girl to listen to the podcast...does that count for anything?

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