• Lisa Simkins - 3 weeks ago

    Fantastic X

  • @gwilliamrex - 4 weeks ago

    1. Transmission
    (my fave song ever!)
    2. Love Will Tear Us Apart
    (my fave song lyrically ever)
    3. 24 Hours (Gotta find some therapy...)
    4. Shadowplay (To the center of the city...)
    5. Atmosphere (Hook played in honour of my father’s passing)
    6. Sound of Music
    (Higher, higher)
    7. Dead Souls
    (Best song ever using the word “Conquistadors”!
    8. Digital (Hook bass as lead)
    9. Heart And Soul
    (The past is not part of my future - the present is well out of hand)
    10. Novelty (Joy Division b- sides were better than the a-sides released by most outfits.

    RIP - Ian Kevin Curtis
    Thank you Morris Sumner, and especially Hook for keeping ALL the music of Joy Division alive!!!!!!

  • NuOrdrMan ‘Jeff’ - 4 weeks ago

    This is my opinion at this moment. Joy Division is fluid and the songs each touch me at different times. Atmosphere is my all time # 1 and is my waking out song - tattoo on left arm as proof.

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