Do you season your tub with AJAX or Comet before cleaning it?


  • MizzBarnes72 - 4 years ago

    I used to make a comet paste and let it set in the tub before I scrubbed and then I took brillo pad or the other pad with the soap on it and scrub the hell off of my tub. I have since graduated up to scrub bubbles and a automated scrub wand.

  • Leilah - 4 years ago

    Comet? I’m triggered. ????My dad was ex military and although I couldn’t see it, he always claimed he could still see a ring. Lying ass. I do season it with the sativa Clorox or bar keepers.

  • Kemdoc - 4 years ago

    I use comet about once every two weeks as the major scrub and polish agent. I’ve found that I have drainage issues if I do this more frequently than that. Must be the pipes here. Random: have all ever used Kaboom? I got some from amazon since the supermarket cleaning product isle has cobwebs hanging from the shelves when I go. You can find even a piece of a scrub or the dust from tissue. Wtf people. First of all the noozles on all three cans are cracked so you know I’m super pissed. I made it working with some bootleg engineering skills. Went to spray the tub and some blue colored mist jumped out like projectile. I screamed WHAT DA FUKK and jumped back. That’s wild. Where’s the product warning? I thought somebody was tryna catch a bytch slipping. It cleared up in seconds so I wondered what the heck was the point of the theatrics lol. Why y’all ain’t tell me? I got kittens to raise lol. The tub looks all sparkly by the way so go out and get this blue mist or whatever lol

  • Allegra - 4 years ago

    Imma Comet person and back when I had a tub, I’d season for like, at least 10 mins before scrubbing. Yes, I believe this is a Blacks Only process.

  • GreenEyedBandit - 4 years ago

    I use Soft Scrub, but yes. Whatever cleaner I use has to marinate until I remember half a day later... oh yeah, the tub! Smdh

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