Grade the 'Riverdale' Season 4 finale:

  • Elina - 11 months ago

    Season 4 was excellent except that Betty and Archie got together I mean not together together but still Archie should not be confused he should love Veronica they are so good together Varchie is the best and Betty and Jughead are the perfect couple why ruin it.. I mean most of us love Bughead and I specially watch the show because of them and many of my friends too so We want the couples to remain the same otherwise seriously we can't really watch the show.... Bughead and Varchie are lovee. So pleaseee don't ruin the show by changing the couples.

  • Steff Morales - 11 months ago

    I enjoy the suspense of it all !!! I give props to the writers and directors , but I also would like to see more of Betty & Archie and they need to stay together . It’s like Kevin said in season 4” it was always supposed to be Betty & Archie ❤️

  • Kelli puetz - 1 year ago

    I love the riverdale suspension!! I just want to know more. I have a love hate relationship when it comes to cliffhangers. However I can understand the directors point of view when the virus happened and choices needed to be made. I also think that the love triangle will come to light for sure and be more explained within season 5. I am glad that F.P. and Harmonie Lodge wouldn't be 'killed' but will have a nice send off for their character. I can not wait until Riverdale comes back for season 5. Hope all is we for the crew member or members with the virus and anyone else to keep safe.

  • Alexa G. Amanda - 1 year ago

    The writers better not be cowards. They started something between Betty & Archie, so they better stick to it, and not do the whole Season 2 thing again, in which they ignore whatever happened. In true drama fashion, they wouldn't stick to 5 whole seasons of the same couple again (Bughead & Varchie). I feel like if they were "excellent" writers, they wouldn't cop-out and stick to fan-service. That's what makes other teen dramas successful, exploring other relationships. Bughead & Varchie are starting to bore and tire people out. The idea of a new couple, and a nod to the original comic couple, is actually exciting, especially for people who don't watch the show. Most non-viewers I know started watching Riverdale when they found out that the original couple, Betty & Archie, have a possibility. Since most of the non-viewers of Riverdale are fans of the original comics, whilst most viewers of Riverdale, never grew up with the comics, and more so just like the paring of the real life couple Lili and Cole. As a critic, I am looking forward and have high hopes for Riverdale, as the storyline is starting to come together cohesively, not as a mess as it was in the previous seasons. I speak for the other teens/adults, that we most look forward to the arise of the new (original) couple-Barchie.

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