Do you ever use podcasts to help you sleep?


  • Stephen - 2 years ago

    Yes! "Fresh Air" can be like an audio book. And some podcasts are nice to have on in the background.

    Not that I don't listen and pay
    close attention to YOU ALL, but sometimes it's nice to have comforting and familiar voices in the BG while taking a nap... So, I would add you all to the list.

    BUT... sometimes it backfires and I'm staying up listening and engaged so...

  • Sofa King - 2 years ago

    After serving aboard two aircraft carriers while I was on active duty, I am now unable to fall asleep, if it's quiet. I used to play music to go to sleep, but I find that podcasts work better.

    The only time it's a problem is when the following day is too busy to finish listening to the podcast that I fell asleep to the night before. That happens a couple of days in a row and, the next thing you know, I'm a week behind on The Black Guy Who Tips.

  • Monica - 2 years ago

    Not only has your podcast gotten me through hard times, it's gotten me through some difficulty going to sleep. I have a distinct memory, from years ago, of listening to you both on the lowest possible volume and your voices made me feel safe. Happily I don't "remember" the bad thing I was going through (not consciously) but I can clearly see myself back then, head on pillow, phone right next to it, not feeling alone because you two were talking to me.

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