Are you staying active during the lock down?


  • Stephen - 4 years ago

    I mean... I was very INactive the first.. 5 weeks or so...and I'm about to take a nap right now, lol. BUT, I have created a schedule these past few weeks and have found myself more social than before Quarantine!

    And these Zoom meetings??? It feels like the invention of the pocket cell phone: Everyone is so accessible. It's almost expected that you WILL be available whenever.

    I'm now having to moderate my availability and basically say, "just cause I'm accessible doesn't mean I'm available to you."

    Not those words, but the essence of that ????

  • Kemdoc - 4 years ago

    Active here and there. My homegirl from work does an hour Zumba session on Zoom every Saturday and it’s intense as fukk. I’m fortunate I know the choreography. But I can’t do any of the jump moves because I live on the third floor so I use light weights to modify the movement. Today she shouted me out and I gotta keep it one hunny with y’all....I wanted to put the weights down because I was tired as hell. Lol. She was like I see you Monique with the weights I wanna get like you....I was like noooo don’t see me. Now I gotta fight this fatigue out with the weights the rest of the way when I planned on lunching. Lolol. We burn like 500 calories. And I appreciate every moment of me. I’ve tried Yoga but these kittens think it’s playtime and wanna walk under me or rub against me. I love you but Move nigga. What the fukk. I’m tryna zen out Lolol.

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 4 years ago

    What's the definition of active? I watch a lot of TV and sleep to 1 most days. The first few weeks I was cooking and going out for walks and reading but now it seems like too much work.

  • Dee Dee - 4 years ago

    A few weeks into quarantine I had the thought that it’d be nice to wake up early (before my work from home shift began) and get a nice walk in. I’m not sure why I thought that because I hate mornings and the sun like white people hate seasonings and Black Lives Matter protests. I went for a walk during that one day it was really warm here in NY and side eyed all the people who were outside without a mask and weren’t social distancing. I also had thoughts of backsliding from my plant based journey after being accosted by the smell of barbecue meats. I haven’t been on a walk since

  • MizzBarnes72 - 4 years ago

    I am staying in, with the exception of going out for esstentials, but even that has me skeeved out. Going to the grocery store is a zoo of people not doing social distancing, some wearing masks and some not. I had to grocery shop last week and sadly shared a space with a gentleman who of course was coughing and shit. He had to share with me that the reason that he coughing is that he has pneumonia and tested negative for coronavirus.......
    But there he was, no mask, coughing, not really covering his mouth and proud to have pneumonia.....ugh. I was holding my breath the entire time I was on this elevator with this fool...smdh.

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