Grade the final season of 'HTGAWM' overall:


  • Natalia - 3 years ago

    Wow, you missed so much in this summary I’m amazed!

    1. Yes, Annalise rejects Tegan while they wait for the veredict, of course she does, she doesn’t know if she’ll be sentenced to life in prison, her life is a mess and she’s cleared that she doesn’t think she’s worth it and someone can actually love her... I feel that scene missed a few more seconds in which Tegan; who always finds the write words to say to Annalise, challenges her saying Annalise deserves love too and that she doesn’t need her to promise anything, just give it a go.

    2. You forgot to mention that LaureL approaches Tegan to ask for a final favor in exchange of money, something that would benefit you both. You really didn’t link that to Laurel saying later ‘no more boogie men’, Jorge castillo being killed, followed by Tegan smiling? It’s pretty obvious that’s what laurel asked Tegan, to help her get rid of her father for good.

    3. In the sequence of scenes with outside courtroom/funeral, while Eve talks, it’s so important to link what she said to the scenes that were being played while she was giving her eulogy! It made it very clear that Tegan was the one Annalise chose to love in the end. Why? Eve talks about Annalise not choosing her, the scene moves to show Tegan’s face.... then Eve says Annalise wasn’t easy to love, as she’s saying it, they move to Tegan and Annalise dancing salsa super close. Also, one of the hands is Tegan’s, maybe the hands are not chronologically shown or maybe Tegan died before or the last one is actually hers... but regardless, she is the ONLY love interest of Annalise shown in the panel with photos of people who were important in her life. Olivia Pope is there (prob because she helped with the most important trial of her career), her mom, her sister... and not 1 but 2 photos of Tegan! Come on, don’t tell me that doesn’t mean Tegan was actually endgame...

    I feel that their relationship was SO important for Annalise and unfortunately was so underestimated by viewers, likely not by writers because they spent a lot of time in the show developing it specially in the last season.

    Tegan was the ONLY true friend to annalise, the only one who was there for her to help, not for Annalise to fix her problems.. she’s the only one never to Betray Annalise, sure lots of time they argue and Tegan doesn’t want to help
    Annalise but it’s because she’s afraid of the Castillos, not because she’s gonna go behind annalise’s back like all of the others did at some point (frank, Bonnie, the kids, stupid Nate). Then she starts developing feelings for Annalise and it’s obvious to me that so does Annalise, even though she hides it and disregards it prob because of the mess her life is, the chemistry between Viola and Amirah is so obvious from Annalise looks that she’s falling for her too.

    I wish they had had more time to develop it at the end, but I think even though Pete said he wanted the finale to be a little open to interpretation, I think that’s where this was pointing towards...

  • Free - 3 years ago

    I was a true fan for like 1.5 seasons and then just fell off. Found it on Netflix for a rip roaring binge fest. Just finished and it was awesome. I was in love with Frank and fought for him the whole way! For a hot minute I thought he was in for Annalise and her cray but, what do we do?

  • Xavier - 3 years ago

    Frank and Bonnie....tragic af although very poetic. Romeo and Juliet type of ending for sure. Great story. I enjoyed every season. The writers did a fantastic job and the actors did as well.

  • Fran - 3 years ago

    I loved the show from the beginning. I’m really going to miss it. I’m confused on who they was showing holding hands walking in several scenes. Was it Analise and Eve or who. And I didn’t think Eve looked like Eve years later. It’s just me but I wish they really could have shown Analise being truly happy before she died.

  • Shawn - 3 years ago

    I thought the ending was interesting as well. I watched the ending again when Laurel was leaving with her son and said they were going somewhere new and no more boogeyman. Was she referring to her father getting killed? Did she make the arrangement and asked Frank to put the hit on her father in jail? Or did the Governor do that herself to close loose ends? Not knowing she was on the hit list with Frank herself? Michaela did what she said she was gonna do. Being sworn in as a judge (Supreme Court). Those kids might have been adopted. She looked too old to have young kids. She only thought about herself and lost her friends. I was done with her when she lied to save her butt. Everything came to a full circle. The sad thing with Frank learning the truth. And the thought of him killing off is siblings was enough for him to crack.

  • Madeline Donnelly - 3 years ago

    When I first started watching this show I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue because I found it a bit confusing. I decided to hang in there and continued to watch it so I could get to know the characters. I am so very glad I did. The finale was awesome!! It answered all my questions and all I can say is kudos to the writers and the cast ... a job very well done. I plan to watch it again to make sure I didn’t miss anything!

  • Lynne - 3 years ago

    Great finale! Genius idea to bring Christopher back as an adult. One question whatever happened to Teagan? They showed everybody else except her.

  • Rita - 3 years ago

    I thought it was awesome. Going to miss the show tremendously. Please bring it back in the future.

  • Julieann Brady - 3 years ago

    I will miss HTGSWM! Viola Davis is wonderful as were all the cast. Thank you for a captivating 7 years.

  • Bader Micalizi - 3 years ago

    Absolutely the best finale of any show I've ever watched!! Tying everything together with a look into the future was perfect and answered almost every question we've had throughout the years.What an ensemble! The actors were perfectly cast and the writing was superb .I felt bad Frank and Bonnie had to die, but at least they were together, sort of a Romeo and Juliet ending for them, because their lives were so scarred. Kudos to all......a fantastic ending to a great and memorable series! I will miss it!

  • Debbie - 3 years ago

    Well Done!!!!!!! I loved so much about the final episode, but the final scene with Christopher writing "How To Get Away With Murder" on the chalkboard was PERFECT! I'm curious about two things; who put the "hit" on Jorge Castillo and I was a teeny bit confused about the scene with Michaela, did it mean that she finally became a lawyer but at a much older age? And were the people with her, her children? Anyway, I'm sure there will be literally thousands of comments and posts on multiple sites and social media pages. I give a HUGE thumbs up to all of the actors, writers, producers and virtually anyone who had anything to do with this show. Watched every single episode from start to finish and I will miss this show big time!

  • Laurie Farnam - 3 years ago

    Absolutely fabulous, emotionally gripping finale. I know everything ultimately comes to an end, but I am really (I mean reeaally) going to miss 'Murder' and its amazing cast of characters. Thank you for a wonderful twisty & suspenseful series!

  • Rony - 3 years ago

    I was disappointed Alfred Enoch was not back as Wes but as the elder version of his son.

  • Marion Mcclain - 3 years ago

    Excellent writers. Wonderful ending. Unpredictable. Edge of your chair drama. Don't stop writing. Out did every other finale. Love the cast***************

  • Terry - 3 years ago

    Actors were superb in their roles. Going to miss watching HTGAWM!

  • Lisa Nazzaro - 3 years ago

    This is one of the few shows that I followed from beginning to end. I loved the characters and the plot twists. When I was taking care of my dad and subsequently moving, I got to binge watch most of season 4. It was awesome. I am truly going to miss everyone and watching Murder on Thursday nights. I get depressed just thinking about it. Congratulations to the writers, producers, directors, and of course the beloved actors and actresses for bringing us such a thrilling show week after week!

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