Which of the hours of service final rule's four major changes will most benefit your operation?


  • Kenny - 3 years ago

    In Texas, we are limited to 12 hours of drive time and are required only 8 hours sleeper berth and no required 30 minute break at all. But the main benefit is that if we Texas drivers stop the truck, the clock stops. That is the only HOS improvement that would benefit ALL drivers! If you feel tired or hungry or sick or whatever and feel the need to stop the truck, the clock keeps rolling and it shortens your drive time. This forces drivers to drive tired; to push their physical limits to get the load down the road! IMO, this rule actually CAUSES the very unsafe driving the FMCSA claims their HOS rules alleviate! This rule is absolutely ludicrous! And this discrepancy between Federal DOT rules and Texas DOT rules implies that that we somehow have more stamina just because we live in a certain state is just as crazy.

  • Chris - 3 years ago

    These changes are really not helping at all.

    What FMCSA needs to do is

    1) further segment the trucking industry in to specific class with specific set of HOS rules, not a one for all HOS. The needs and operation types are all different.

    2) Stop talking about more hours. More hours so what? Motor Carrier and drivers would only put more miles on the truck with the extended hours. This is endless. What need to be taken away is the stupid word "consecutive." All clock should stop when driver goes off-duty. Do hourly employee get pay when checked out for lunch?

  • Lamothe Joseph - 3 years ago

    The best thing I recommend to return with the paper log. Because elog cost me more than $ 32:00 for one truck every month.

  • Jeffrey Patch - 3 years ago

    This is all a joke didn't help us one bit what a waste of time. We just keep losing money pretty soon all that will be left is the big companies

  • Steve - 3 years ago

    This poll is a Joke Right. Instead of 14 hours now we get to work 17 if we stop for 3 still don’t stop the Clock.????

  • Steve - 3 years ago

    Well we see their still bought and paid for.this is not good for the small guy,anyone that said different isnt a real driver.shut this shit down and any that dont stick together are pussies

  • ANDREY V KAMENEV - 3 years ago

    First I'm don't feel anything in change in HOS! Eld OK if 3 hours not counting in 14 hours.why?more flexible rest, no more racing.

  • Justin F Keithan - 3 years ago

    Does nothing to help the Driver or improve safety. All it does is help the big companies take advantage of the Drivers even more.

  • Thomas Oneill - 3 years ago

    The 7/3 split is the
    Best change. Adverse weather also.

  • Thomas Oneill - 3 years ago

    The 7/3 split is the
    Best change. Adverse weather also.

  • David - 3 years ago

    Not sure what the excitement is about. They didn't really change anything did they?

  • Philip - 3 years ago

    All are bull shit by someone who has never been in a truck and has no idea what there taking about

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