How do you expect your family's financial security to look on January 1, 2022 compared to the same day in 2020? (Poll Closed)
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  • Dr. Gonzo - 6 months ago

    Should this be January 1st, 2021, instead of 2022?

  • ReaganRHIT - 6 months ago

    Both my husband and I are considered essential(he's law enforcement, I'm healthcare). Even though we're both still working, we're feeling the pinch; his side jobs have dried up, and my company just furloughed one department.
    He is supposed to retire within the next four years (slated for January 2021), but with the hit our retirement is taking, that will likely be delayed for at least another year or two. My company (revenue cycle) recently furloughed a department, internal hires and transfers are frozen, meaning the two higher-paying roles I'm currently being recruited for are paused indefinitely.

  • William Moncrief - 6 months ago

    Michigan LEO is a disaster. No one is getting paid. 15 weeks of payments are still on hold. Stock Market is hurting

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