How would you rate the federal government's security strategy?

  • Molly Burke Kirova - 1 hour ago

    I can't believe Mx is going to use hydroxychloroquine- it's poison. As to the government, seems they have given all the right info but folks aren't taking enough heed- there are many cultures like this so don't blame the government for human behavior. I don't know any country pleased with their gov's response except perhaps Korea and Mongolia.

  • Kenneth Holmes - 17 hours ago

    In London because of the strict look down the figures have dropped dramatically,slowly we are getting back to some sort of normality whatever that might mean,my own view is that this will take years to get over,long after the virus is no more.The problem is the psychological blow this virus has caused,it will take a generation to forget this,unfortunately tourism and travel will be the hardest hit!

  • Jesus - 3 days ago

    Well I think we should be thinking more of was going on here in United States, let leave Mexico on the side and focus of was going here in our country

  • Blanca Salazar - 3 days ago

    I think I don't want to give up but Andres forcing me to do!!!@

  • Fernando Betanzos - 3 days ago

    I voted "too early to tell", meaning "to tell whether it is going well" -- or "whether it is going worse". And so, time will tell -- although I do not expect this to improve as Americans intend. Mexicans have different standards... and the majority do not beleive our Government, which is why the President says one thing today and a different thing tomorrow, so that when Mexicans talk politics, they all are right and at the same all are wrong.

  • Frank - 4 days ago

    The numbers answer the question. Up is not down, and down is not up. Reality.

  • Not a passive citizen - 4 days ago

    Message from the government has been TOO SOFT, so people takes advantage of that

  • DeBris - 5 days ago

    Everything is about FEAR and misinformation. I can’t believe the Covid numbers in Mexico with more than 10% dead, as well as the US has inflated the numbers so the states can get more money. And the media is all about fear. Can’t believe anyone.

  • David Eidell - 5 days ago

    The marinas de armada de México are the most honest in la Republica. What fails are the members of the justice system, congress and state governments. I want the Americanos to build ten more reclusorios egual a Florence.

  • Arlene - 6 days ago

    Firstly, the government needs to educate the public as to the dire importance of this pandemic. And, at the SAME time, provide adequate food, housing and medical assistance...which it does not do by any means. Because of this, locals will still flock to the beaches and commit crime after crime in highly populated areas. It is shameful. I won't return to MX if the pandemic sees no sign of flattening. Please, DO NOT open beaches and businesses until the Fall. If you do, you will never be successful with eradicating COVID-19. And you will surely lose tourists' confidence in returning to your beautiful country.

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