Should Dominic Cummings resign as chief adviser to PM Boris Johnson for travelling from London to Durham in breach of lockdown rules?

  • John Cameron - 1 month ago

    England's deputy chief medical officer rightly said: the care of a father for a young child and a sick wife should need no defence.
    In any case, Cummings’ defence of "reasonable excuse" reflects the regulation: stay at home unless you have a reasonable excuse.
    The problem is that wasn't how it was sold to us by our politicians in their daily rants on the BBC's coronavirus extravaganza.

  • Raamsay - 1 month ago

    Ian Blackford drove 600 miles from London to Skye to "self isolate" himself - what exactly is the difference - apart from no vulnerable child being involved.

    Meanwhile, the chronic ineptitude of Sturgeon and Freeman has wiped out the population of Scotland's care homes - but no one seems to care except those immediately affected. As a nation of self avowed "carers" - we seem to be blinded by our own double standards?

  • Geoff Farnall - 1 month ago

    Very sensible and well thought out actions taken by this No 10 aid.

  • david mackenzie - 1 month ago

    resignation implies he chose so to do .he should be fired,very publicly, by the pm

  • Jennifer Melville - 1 month ago

    Didn't Prince Charles travel up to Balmoral,
    his holiday home, during lockdown?

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