Is there merit in an index that takes into account happiness and well-being?

  • Jack Hamilton - 6 weeks ago

    I understand that some people think this is trivial under our current circumstances. It is IMHO an important question to ask since it requires a "definition" of happiness that helps to plan for the future. Perhaps not now, but ASK the question!

  • Miguelito - 6 weeks ago

    El bienestar es medible, la felicidad es subjetiva. Tendenciosamente están revolviendo peras con manzanas en este sitio de mierda. Y no es de extrañar que la mayoría si no es que todos los comentarios van en contra de la "propuesta". Para tal sitio tal audiencia (lo vi casualmente by the way). Haters all!

  • Shar - 6 weeks ago

    Isnt there bigger fish to fry than this trivial happiness BS? This is a question a 2 yr. old would ask! Someone like TrumpF!

  • Robert - 6 weeks ago

    Este pobre tipo simplemente no sabe cómo hacer su trabajo, por lo que se cuida a los ciudadanos de México. Desde Covid-19 hasta los salarios de pobreza en la mitad del país hasta la atención médica pública con fondos insuficientes. Me recuerda a Chicken Little. ¡Oh, qué debo hacer! Oh, lo sé, haré una encuesta de felicidad y bienestar. Y cambie los números para que parezca que mi trabajo es mejor que lo estoy haciendo.

  • PAUL VALON - 1 month ago

    This President is incompetent and as per Trump, tries to distract people from real issues by focusing on way less important issues.
    He is out of his depth, has stupid ideas and is playing with Mexico as if it is his private toy store to do as he sees fit, and to hell with the Mexican people.

  • david - 1 month ago

    Reminds me of the guy wearing his dripping NO BAD DAYS shirt while sifting through the post hurricane ruins of his house

  • David Walker - 1 month ago

    The idea that GDP fails to represent quality of life and should be replaced or supplemented by a measure which includes such things as “public health system” “crime” etc. etc. has been around for some time. It is an idea with some merit, but awfully hard to do. I am afraid that Amlo is simply not the guy to get it done

  • Roberto - 1 month ago

    This poor guy just doesn't know how to do his job so the citizens of Mexico are taken care of. From Covid-19 to poverty wages in 1/2 the country to underfunded public healthcare. It reminds me of Chicken Little - Oh My, what am I to do! Oh, I know, I will make a happiness and well being survey. And change the numbers to make it look like my job is better that I am doing it.

  • Ricardo Brusca - 1 month ago

    Money, time, and creative energy should be expended by the government to INCREASE happiness of the people, not try to do something like "measure" happiness. Everyone knows what is needed to increase happiness: reduce crime, increase employment, improve healthcare, eliminate corruption.

  • ivan - 1 month ago

    If doing it, now is the best time. Why? The numbers will be dismal because of the lock-down and economic destruction. True, but the numbers can't go anywhere but up and AMLO can claim all the credit. Genius!

  • David Ahlers - 1 month ago

    Right now the most common measurement of how happy people are is the growth rate in the GDP here over a year. But I think we all know that economic growth does not equal happiness. I think it’s great that they are exploring different ways are reporting on progress rather than being slaves to the economy.

  • George - 1 month ago

    Now??? During a pandemic and living under restrictive quarantine conditions since March????

    Probably now the best time to ask people if they’re happy. Especially all of those who are out of work for the duration. And the families and friends of all who have died and are about to do so every day.

  • Mindy Phypers - 1 month ago

    New Zealand ditched the GDP for a well being index. Use theirs. Wars are GREAT for GDP, but not so good for humans on either side.

  • Lisa - 1 month ago

    Would not trust the results

  • diane - 1 month ago

    While such an index may be useful, it is already being done by others. I guess AMLO wants us to believe that even though his Covid-19 response is poor and crime and corruption are terrible, everyone is happy! Don't think so!

  • Stephen Small - 1 month ago

    Pure populism, nothing more

  • David Eidell - 1 month ago

    The drug addled can awaken with a grin on their face. Is this satisfaction and happiness?
    Lopez Obredor is disenfranchised. Stoicism does not recognize happiness or fear or an empty belly.

  • Carlisle Johnson - 1 month ago

    one man's definition of happiness may not be the same as the next's. You can load the questions to manipulate the outcome.

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