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What is your preferred work location? (Poll Closed)

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  • Rebecca - 4 years ago

    I selected offsite but I don't really like working from home - I have a hard time balancing my work/home life and end up working too many hours. That said, right now, I'm good staying home - I don't feel comfortable that everyone out there is going to be doing smart things. I see too many pictures of people not wearing masks and not social distancing. I'm good to hibernate a while until things settle a bit more.

  • Joe Clarke - 4 years ago

    While working from home allows me to get build done with fewer distractions I believe personal interaction is important and cannot be replaced on line.

  • peter dolphin - 4 years ago


  • Carmen Nan - 4 years ago

    As an MD I have not warmed up to working remotely . Our patient population is elderly and not very tech savvy.

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