Which do you prefer?


  • Kemdoc - 2 years ago

    I like Whole Foods. There was a Trader Joe’s near me that serviced a black and brown community up the way. Well they decided the people near Potomac and Bethesda needed yet another Trader Joe’s so they moved the store there. I went to shop there (a whole 7 miles away) and the attendants were mean and stank. Never setting foot in that Trader Joe’s again. The one near Reisterstown Maryland is better anyway. Skin folk and kinfolk all around. Salt of the earth.

    I love the hand crafted soaps in Whole Foods. Sure I’m getting ripped off but they’re luxurious. Also I love their wild caught salmon.

  • Tish - 2 years ago

    Trader Joe's is cheaper and they have Depression Meals on LOCK. If you know you need to eat and don't have it in you to cook or even go through the motions of ordering delivery? They have some tasty options for you in the frozen section. Their ethnic food is surprisingly good, even when it's been frozen. And even though their organization when it comes to sweets, sauces, and spices makes my ADHD go into overdrive, their flavor combos are worth it. Looking for something different to add to your sandwiches? They got you. Feeling fancy but lazy? Grab some frozen risotto to pair with something else. I'm working my way through their inventory and I haven't been disappointed yet.

  • Leilah - 2 years ago

    I chose Whole Foods ONLY b/c it’s closer. Trader Joe’s is too far. WF is down the block. I been to TJ once and it reminded me of Aldi’s. I didn’t know the brands. It was small. Thought I was gone have to bag my own shit. I tried to boycott WF when they gave them cops sandwiches the one OTHER time we were protesting...no! The other time. Not that time...ok...like 5 protests ago. I couldn’t hang cuz I can’t buy my meat & veggies from Target. But now I wanna know what this cookie butter stuff is Barbara is talmbout

  • Barbara - 3 years ago

    Two words:
    Cookie Butter
    (mic drop)

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