Owner-operators, what's your total operating cost per mile/truck (excluding what you pay yourself or a driver)?


  • Jim Hinerdeer - 4 years ago

    First of All I run short hall within 100 mile of base And No Way you can own rig and operate at @ $1.50 a Mile !
    Example 10 Years Ago I Rebuilt My Engine Parts Cost $2,000.00 Oct 2019 Same Rebuilt Cost $9,000.00 This Is Parts Only ! 20yrs Of My Life I Worked As A Mechanic In Truck Garage I understand when these Guys Tell Me They Spent $40,000.00 To Rebuild There Engines In A Garage Today !
    Good Luck @ Your $1.50 A Mile

  • Rick - 4 years ago

    I've had Trucks, for over 40 Years. There's so much more to Trucking than Rates, Cost Per Mile, and that includes Wear ant Tear, Insurance and Authority.

    Next, Regulations being thought of in D.C., are done so, by many who have no idea what Interstate Commerce Trucking is all about. They have no idea what Intrastate Trucking is all about. For Generations, Trucking was controlled by Ethnic Groups. And today, we see a much more Diverse Trucking Community. Yet those writing the New Regulations, with respect to FMCSA Hours Driven, Time Out and Lay Overs, all are based on Conjecture, with very little Fact. Fact; If you do not get the Load there in Time, you'll be Docked. Hmmm. now that's a concept. The Broker and the Receiving Customer can take money away?

    Where in the FMCSA, does it say anything about that?

    If the Nation, were to have a Truckers Strike, all hell would break loose. But, that seems to be the only way things get done. Riots, Breaking Windows, Burning Police Vehicles, Destroying Private Property. Yes, that's got the Nation on edge. Yet, the Men and Women, that have faithfully delivered the goods for your daily survival, get little respect, ord understanding, by those writing Regulations. C'mon D.C., Get your Head Out. Trucking is Essential to the Nation, so how about treating us that way. ... .

  • Wayne victory - 4 years ago

    Most driver don’t know how to figure this. It not as complicated as you think. Fixed cost t insurance,truck and trailer payment, phone, internet office, add the take your mile per year and divided it . Then mike per gal verses what your average cost of fuel is . The maintenance I generally use .20 a mile then I pay myself a min of .32 a mile. Then add it up . This will give you a good start

  • Randal Goff - 4 years ago

    Back in ‘09 I created a program on Microsoft that tracked my expenses. The average cost per mile, operating throughout the contiguous forty-eight states, was $.26 per mile. That, obviously, did not include fuel or, driver.

  • S. West - 4 years ago

    What are the metrics most operators use when crunching the numbers to post their $$$.

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