Grade the 'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 5 finale:


  • Kevin - 3 years ago

    So we lost Nate and Nora who admitted in interviews they were forced out. Zari 1.0 and Charlie. The "final battle" was just a conversation where Charlie forgives her sister. This show has become garbage.

  • Natalie - 3 years ago

    The finale was alright. I really wanted Zari 1.0 and it didn’t happen. Plus Charlie which wasn’t okay, but it’s reliving to know that it was Maisie choice.

  • Sabrina M. Fairchild - 3 years ago

    I just hated that the REAL zari couldn't stay. 1 Nate was so very crushed 2. FAKE zari Is so shallow and NOTHING like her counter part. She's so vain, vapid, tiresome and annoying. She ain't smart. At least not In ways the Legends need. Our Zari can actually work and hack a computer. She has use. She knows other stuff other than what Kim Kardashian Is fucking tweeting today. She ain't nothing but a waste of materialistic space. She didn't even look sad when" She"had to go Into the totem.

  • Alameen - 3 years ago

    Charlie should have stayed. And I preferred Zari 1.0. who is going to be with Nate now.
    So we lost Ray, Nora, Zari 1.0 and Charlie in one season.
    Not cool

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