Which one?


  • Kemdoc - 4 years ago

    Rod and Karen,

    The people at Gucci and Breitling and Channel and Louis Vuitton ain’t did nothing to y’all (whispers except be racist)!

    I never laughed as hard as I did at Shekinah and Trina. This shyt struck a nerve with them that I and people of my mindset cannot relate to. I don’t really care either way but it leaves a bad taste in the air with regard to Trina. She’s beloved to the point where if anyone speaks a negative whisper is spoken in her direction from anyone there’s a hive that dives off the top rope on people. Maybe that got to her head. Who knows. That good Will is definitely dry as hell now though. All she had to do was read the room.

  • Tish - 4 years ago

    I feel like, as long as we're talking businesses and not homes, it kinda has to be all or nothing. If you have a business, you shouldn't be ok if the people across town lose theirs but ready to switch sides when folks get to YOU. You should have insurance just like they do. If you're talking about letting it all burn, then be ready to have it hit you. Maybe the reason there hasn't been a lasting cultural shift in regards to Black lives is just a matter of the fires being put out too early. Showing restraint in an effort to prove "we're not what you say we are" may have hurt us. Maybe we just needed to show them that we CAN do much worse, so the next time we're polite enough to ASK for something they'll be more willing to take us seriously to keep it from getting so bad again before we just take it.

  • Leilah - 4 years ago

    I’m at the point where I don’t even care no more what happens here. Just like Anansi said on American Gods...let the mutha fuckas burn. My shit, they shit, everybody shit. Have the State Farm adjuster come out and survey what’s left and cut me a check. If sthing good can come out of me taking an L...I’m for it for the humanity of black ppl! Fuck this country & fuck cops! #DefundThePolice

  • Doug B - 4 years ago

    If I would have seen this poll 2 days ago, I would’ve said Burn Nothing. But after some fools unconnected to area’s peaceful march tried to loot the stores on the corner, the stupidness of work, and a two hour phone call with insurance lying about raising my prescription copay, I voted to Burn It All!

  • ShayDeeDame - 4 years ago

    *Usher voice* Let it BURN!!!
    My grandpa marched GA in the 50s. My dad marched in Oakland in the 70s, I marched in Berkeley during Rodney King in the 90s. Now, we had the DUBIOUS honor of taking our kids to march for the same fucking shit.
    That is a literal LIFETIME of begging this shithole country for the absolute bare minimum. Begging them to give us simple equality.
    At this point, we brought this country into this world with our unending labor, so we can take this motherfucker OUT.
    I wish that I could say that I were a better person than that, but there it is.
    If you tie a dog up in the backyard to kick ever few days, don’t have your feelings hurt when he bites your leg off.
    Don’t worry, guys. I’m planning on bringing this shit up in therapy on Monday, so I’ll be alright ????

  • Static - 4 years ago

    If I’m being honest I find myself oscillating between all these. Sometimes all at once. Then I just get tired

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