Is it too early to ease coronavirus restrictions?

  • Brian Boru - 4 months ago

    To further add to our combined COVID mask confusion, my wife and I were recently chatting with friends from Denmark.
    The Danes( who we consider to be some of the most evolved people on earth) do not wear masks. Never did.
    “Why should we do that ?!” they replied.
    Denmark had a very quick response to the crisis and other than crowded parts of Copenhagen saw a low death rate.
    They DID however close the bridge that leads to their neighbors—-the Swedes after learning of that country’s calamity!

  • Pat Ellsworth - 4 months ago

    San Miguel de Allende has fairly strict rules, but enforcement is spotty, especially away from Centro. Some of the taxistas aren’t wearing masks. I’m reluctant to take taxis now anyway, but NO WAY would I enter one whose driver is unmasked. A friend reported seeing a lot of unmasked tourists (probably from CDMX) in Centro who weren’t wearing masks. Talk about a lack of consideration, especially given the level of COVID cases there.

  • Anonymous - 4 months ago

    Relax, there is not anything happening that hasn’t been planned by the people who own and run the largest organizations of the world who have been grooming their idea of what they want THEIR world to be for quite some time now - oh, and the people they will allow to be on their planet. Yep, when you’re that rich, you tend to let a little too much power go to your head and want things like....WORLD DOMINATION. Families who invented the central banking system, so others could borrow and be their slaves....yep, sounds evil, and since satan has to give clues or hints to his doings - he did.

    A message consisting of a set of ten guidelines or principles is engraved on the Georgia Guidestones[8] in eight different languages, one language on each face of the four large upright stones. Moving clockwise around the structure from due north, these languages are: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, and Russian.

    1) Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
    2) Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
    3) Unite humanity with a living new language.
    4)Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
    5)Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
    6) Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
    7) Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
    8) Balance personal rights with social duties.
    9) Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
    10) Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

    The Georgia Guidestones were set up in March 1980 in Elberton, GA, for anyone to view
    The first “guide” of population is what started the most questions- because the number would have to be significantly LOWERED to reach it.

    There’s an old saying. “Misery loves company” that’s because satan knows where he’s going and he’s here to take as many as he can with him- he is the father of LIES. So, all this arguing, confusion, manipulation and deceit- his.

    You know every time you sit down in a chair, do you expect it to hold you? Or get in car,bus or on a plane you don’t plan on being in a crash do you? No. That’s FAITH.

    You’re already using it - Now try using it in each other. No telling where it may take you.

  • R.C. Christian - 4 months ago

    And deliver all those who through fear of death were subject to lifelong slavery
    -Hebrews 2:15

  • michael g mclaughlin - 4 months ago

    Many Mexicans ( and norteAmericanos) believe that the pandemic is a hoax. Why? "Nobody I know is sick so the disease does not exist or is made up by the news media or politicians." I am sorry to report but a pandemic calls the balls and strikes. This plague is real. Watch what happens. Open too soon, more and the greater number of people will die. Fact. Deny that. I'm sure some of you will.

  • Dpaps - 4 months ago

    Look at the nations around the world who are doing way better than Mexico. For example, our neighbor to the north Canada is doing a way better job of ensuring their citizens are protected. Yes, restrictions suck but there are many young people dying too so it’s well worth the short term pain. Plus Canada has a much better health care system than here (I was fortunate to live there for 4 years). Even though they are better prepared to handle the pandemic they are still Very smart to also place proper restrictions in place to help stem the rise in infections. We need to look up to them and copy them now! Plus spend more GDP on health care as our system sucks!!!

  • Mari - 4 months ago

    People are not leasing Why will they started now Please ask the ones who lost love ones How real dead is

  • Al - 4 months ago

    Obviously the politicians worldwide have no clue what they are doing, other than destroying their respective economies. Wake up, get outside, get some sun, get some exercise, be healthy and covid 19 will not bother you.
    It's that simple, and by the way, you don't quarantine the healthy, only the sick.

  • Werner - 4 months ago

    Its time to start the process of re-opening, staying at home is creating more problems to people than going outside to work or just a nice walk on the beach or in a park nearby.
    The economy will totally colapse if the shut down continues much longer, which would increase crime since desperate people will do anything not to go hungry and without money.
    Unfortunately for Mexico they closed down too late and did not start immediately with intense testing which is still missing up to today.
    I want to out, confined to my home does not feel good over a long period and I believe many do feel the same way.

  • KENNETH HOLMES - 4 months ago

    The Mexican Gov decided that most would return to normal on June !st. Then they changed the date. I do not believe that anyone heard about the change. In Tepic the traffic is almost to normal. People are everywhere. At least most stores are still complying. Now I read that Sept is the new date to go wild. Does ANYONE really know what the HELL is going on???

  • Careyero - 4 months ago

    Here at the beach in the Punta Mita area of Nayarit we have been so fortunate so far. Now that the restrictions have stopped we will have more visitors from Tepic and Guadalajara and elsewhere. We have gotten away with a low level of compliance by our population because of the highway being closed. I imagine that it will now get much worse before it goes away. So many of the locals still believe that it is a hoax. The popular notion around here right now seems to be that the government is exaggerating the death toll by blaming all deaths on the virus. Take care of your immune system, ultimately that is the best answer.

  • paul martel - 4 months ago

    As someone with a fairly high IQ and with friends with fairly high IQ's we all belong to a tennis club that did not close. The club has changed many rules to coincide with cdc regulations in the US., not Mexico. We are outdoors maintaining proper distancing and following all of the protocols associated with the virus. If you are smart about the present situation there is no reason to lock your self up in your bedroom closet. There has not been one person that I know that spends time outdoors being active and smart that has caught the virus. Your chances of catching or spreading the virus under this philosophy is nil or none. Take care and be smart.

  • ray - 4 months ago

    mexico was way too too slow to qurantine and the politicians were losers across the board

    even AMLO is traveling, hugging again. What an idiot we have as a president, but the Brzilian President is even stupider


  • Louise F Montgomery - 4 months ago

    For those doubting the wisdom of shutting down, social distancing and wearing masks, while testing, take a look at the experience of Sweden, the poster child for staying open while also testing.

  • Norman WOODS - 4 months ago

    The economic/food insequerity is far more serious than the greater deaths from uncontrolled criminal activities or pandemic deaths. Where to focus.

  • Norman WOODS - 4 months ago

    The economic/food insequerity is far more serious than the greater deaths from uncontrolled criminal activities or pandemic deaths. Where to focus.

  • Philip Crawford - 4 months ago

    In Colima, my wife and I were glad to have temperature scans on our arrival from travelling around the country in mid March. This was contrary to what was coming from Federal authorities.
    People here wear masks when entering shops, only 1 person per family is allowed into the large stores. And I see the other person waiting outside also.
    I am not concerned about wearing masks out of doors because I don't believe it's necessary. Many do and I think that we are supposed to.
    I don't think any country is doing sufficient testing, though politicians from all tell us what an excellent job they are doing.
    While Colima is a small state, both physically and by population, I am not surprised that here we have the lowest fatalities from COVID-19. I believe that the government in Colima is doing a good job in relation to COVID-19.
    One major criticism I have is for Google. Australia has a covid tracking app, which I could download. I would provide absolutely useless and irrelevant data were I to do so.
    But if Mexico had the same, I would not be able to download and install the relevant app because Google won't allow me to install apps from a different country.
    It may be too early to relax measures, but Mexico has many more citizens who really live "hand to mouth" as our expression says. I find it hard to criticise the lack of enormous public borrowings, as evidenced in my own country of Australia. And even there, limits have had to be placed on who benefits.
    I think that in this COVID-19 world we are in, being a national decision maker is a very lonely place.

  • Sandra Kral - 4 months ago

    Here in San Luis Potosi, the shutdown hasn't been enforced, and I saw few masks until recently. What good is a shutdown if it's not enforced? The stoplight system is a fantasy.

  • robert d corkrum - 4 months ago

    As a 15 year "snowbird" I was very disturbed to see most locals without any concern let alone masks and distancing!At home in central WAshington state the same lack of concern is lacking in the "Mexican "people!We have a large AG. work force.Costco makes it work by forcing mask wearing..

  • Jennifer - 4 months ago

    Mexico was late in complying with quarantine and unfortunately I think we may have catastrophic consequences because of it.

  • Michael B - 4 months ago

    When almost 11 out of 100 people are dying in Mexico due to Corvid, I believe it is important to "START LIVING" with some restrictions in place. Let's not be cavalier and then witness an uptick

  • Richard Hollenback - 4 months ago

    Quite frankly, this virus is just one in a long line. The economic stability outways a sickness by far. Life is a risk, START LIVING

  • Peri Worrell - 4 months ago

    Shutting down business and social life on penalty of law generates more suffering and death.
    There's no correlation between stringency of lockdowns and deaths per capita.
    Testing is the key and that's where Mexico is failing.

  • Doris Gallan - 4 months ago

    At the start of the regulation to wear face mask, about 95% of people in Puerto Vallarta wore them. Now, about 95% don't wear them. People don't believe or understand the risks of the coronavirus.

  • Sydney - 4 months ago

    Without sufficient on the virus and no treatment or prevention yet available, the risk is too great.

  • Dr ToddD. Stong - 4 months ago

    Based on the number of deaths, cases,and testing per million persons in 10 European nations and the USA, Mexico is not even 10% along the way with the passage of this virus. Expect a total of 65-75,000 deaths. It would be more if it were not for the culture of the nation which sees families caring for their elders.

  • Ron Stephens - 4 months ago

    In San Miguel de Allende, outside of Centro almost no Mexicans are wearing masks or following any of the rules. It's waaaay too early.

  • Ruth - 4 months ago

    It´s too early to remove shutdown, because people didn´t follow instructions

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