Which queen are you rooting for this season?

  • AnonyMe - 1 year ago

    I was surprised Juju or Alexis didn't get the win, I thought India's was kinda silly and fun but not a knock out necessarily. It seemed like they were just pushing the tension between her and Derrick. Which by the by, huge waste bringing him back. What's the point? Can we consider him a drag queen if all he does is impersonations? He seems convinced that he is Britney. Personally I wouldn't want to base my entire career on a star that's already washed up and forgotten, I just don't see his drag going anywhere.

  • Cuntney Act - 1 year ago

    India definitely didn't deserve the win with her ugly personality, glad she didn't get the 10 grand. Plus there were so many other amazing performances. Cracker, Shea, and Jujubee were my top 3, and I'm rooting for Blair but she seems like Jan 2.0, desperate to win. But I did also love Alexis' performance, perfect for a Ricky episode.
    Mayhem's performance was so terrible, idk how she stayed.
    Even though Ongina was the worst of the week the entire episode (despite having the best entrance look) it was obvious that the other queens would send her home so Ru avoided putting her in the bottom. Meh, at least she's so likable.

  • Bree Boler - 1 year ago

    I love Jujubee! I'm hoping she wins it all!

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