Has a white person reached out to check on you "in these times?"


  • MizzBarnes72 - 2 years ago

    OMG - my former manager had a 'How are you doing" meeting with all of the black folks in his store. While some of my friends were ok with it, others were like, 'What the fuck is this pretend hippie doing'??? It's a alot and the sad part is that there is no formal way to do this. Me, on the other hand, have reached out to my friends of color to ask how they are doing and we are all tired. We are all beat up from life and just in need of a 'church' hug.

  • Leilah - 2 years ago

    2 snaps and a twist!! I hate this! (Channeling my inner Men on Film/Protesting tease) Don’t check on me -check ur ppl cuz I’m waiting on a Karen to approach me. There was a situation here (well, in South Holland, IL- nothing but blacks in that suburb. Tf she thought?? https://www.instagram.com/p/CBRYHpHHBce/?igshid=wmtl9nasaffg) I appreciate the allyism. I just hope it’s sincere and not done cuz it’s trending

  • Brittney McCoy - 2 years ago

    People from elementary school are checking in on me! Also this girl from grad school that my roommate/ best friend was friends with . I kind of knew her but I kind of wonder if she is getting us confused Lol. It’s been weird lol

  • Sean - 2 years ago

    I'm a white guy and I checked in for the pandemic, but not for this. Those that I care for know that I'm here if they need me. I feel that me calling at this time would be more of a burden than a comfort.

  • Amira - 2 years ago

    Nope and I dont want it. I want BLACK PEOPLE to reach out to me because we understand this pain. Why look for sympathy and validation from someone who has to learn that black people are murdered and maimed from a viral video? Many black people know that police brutality and other facets of white supremacy are real things that interfere with our lives and a random white person/"friend" asking "are you okay, how can I help" is shallow and the most unhelpful for me. I personally think that many of the black people that are asking for white people to check up on them might live in spaces where they get little face to face interaction from other black people that can comfort them and validate their feelings so they need to ask non-black people to do so, which is sad and you end up talking to a brick wall that doesnt understand because they will never have this experience. I personally dont have white friends because I grew up learning Black History in PanAfrican schools from grades K-8 then American history in highschool so highkey I thought all the whites were the KKK adjacent until proven otherwise LOL . I think people want to preserve relationships they have had in their lifetimes in which now they are seeing might not serve them in the long run. Its a sad thing but its all apart of this progression that people want...not everyone is gonna progress with us.

  • Alicia - 2 years ago

    Ok, y'all gone stop hatin on Burger King. What has Burger King ever done to you?!? The whopper is the shit! Me and my son be tearing it up (well before I went on a diet) and the nuggets are actually good. I love Burger King and the one by my house stay with a line. Humph.

  • Allegra - 2 years ago

    Nope, but mainly because the very few white people that are close to me are pretty much ride or die and they know better. When they do check on me, it’s a normal ass “Tuesday” and we haven’t talked for a minute.

  • Dee Dee - 2 years ago

    nary a white person has reached out to check on me, and that’s solely because I don’t talk to or keep white people as friends #winning. besides, white folks checking on me specifically would do nothing for me or my community as a whole.

  • Catania - 2 years ago

    I had a couple white and (brown - although I know the poll didn't ask that however I thought it would be nice to add in) friends reach out and I appreciated it. One of them is one of my besties from when I worked in residence life. He has always had my back since the day we met and he just wanted to make sure that I knew I could reach out to him if I needed to talk. I have a tendency to self isolate when I'm feeling negative emotions so it was really nice of him to reach out. Even in his reaching out, he kept putting my feelings in the forefront and asking if I needed to reschedule our FaceTime call due to needing more space or if I didn't feel like being social at that moment. Another white friend (he was my first kiss back in college - my parents didn't allow me to date in middle school and high school) reached out, which surprised me. Since he voted for Trump, I've been keeping my distance. During the text exchange, he stated that he thought that the media was making racism to be a bigger thing than it really is in today's society. After citing a couple of examples of systemic racism (redlining, property taxes used to fund school districts, and police brutality), he seemed to understand how racism is more covert now when I brought up Meghan Markle was treated in the press when her and Prince Harry went public with their relationship, especially with the "(almost) out of Compton" headline. It was nice to hear from him however the exchange also confirmed that it was the best that we did not enter into a serious romantic relationship.

  • Static - 2 years ago

    It was my boss and I was sort of caught off guard cause I was expecting him to talk about work shit. He did seem genuine and to me it’s better that he cares and supports the movement. I told him I appreciate him checking in but at the same time I don’t want to be the black guy at work that has to explain racism to everyone. Just thinking about it makes me tired. So does all this double-thinking

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