'The Rookie' Season 3: Should Lucy and Tim pursue a romance?


  • Shamea - 1 year ago

    I think it would make the show a lot more interesting. Like We all can see that there’s something there, why can we watch Nolan and not her. Like it would make a great story. she all ready has trust issues and they already proven they are getting to know each other well. How could u leave season 3
    Off with the the part wil them being in his house. Like just give it a try I bet the rating go up. They would make an amazing couple.

  • Jett - 2 years ago

    I've been a Chenford shipper since the day he saved her life: something definitely changed between them and it didn't feel 100% platonic. If you look at Tim's reaction when Lucy "confesses" that she has "feelings" for him on their last shift together ("Amber" episode)--he got flustered & started to ask her for clarification of what she meant by "feelings" because he couldn't believe what he was hearing (maybe because he had started to feel for her that way but shut it down immediately because he's so by-the-book and would never take advantage of his superior position, even if he had feelings for her), and then he put his hand over the radio so no one would accidentally hear what she was saying and get her in trouble. Tim's breathing then became rapid, he swallowed hard more than once, gasped for air a couple of times, licked his lips, and started blinking rapidly--the nonverbals alone say the opposite of what he actually said after she was done with her confession: "I have feelings for you too, but I cannot act on them, so dammit, I have to turn you down. Gently."

    Lucy's confession felt real to Tim because it came from a real place, from her *actual* feelings that no doubt she has also suppressing. The fact that he 100% believed her confession was real also means that he had considered the possibility of a relationship but had convinced himself it wasn't appropriate and she didn't feel the same way. He started to turn her down because it was the appropriate thing to do (plus, the shop cam was recording everything and he didn't want either of them to suffer repercussions of the conversation). You see Lucy's face fall the instant he starts the "Thank you. I'm flattered..." rejection speech that every woman has heard at one time or another when they're the ones who initiate. I think Lucy started laughing to hide her disappointment/pain at the rejection, not because she thought his awkwardness was funny or because she was trying to make a point. That part seemed like she was making up a reason why she was laughing. And then later, she regretted using the intimacy and connection they'd already established to "prove a point": highly suspect.

    Additionally, Tim hated the idea of her being a UC (b/c of the danger) but then told her later to do what she wanted regardless of what he said. If that's not love and respect, I don't know what is. Plus, Lucy felt awfully comfortable pulling that flour prank on him that he pulled on her all those months ago looking for a fake bomb in the park (it was a call-back to that; I know it!). And for Tim to just take the joke and not get angry...shows he can forgive her minxy little prank (something a boyfriend would do). Let's not forget that the TV crew for the "True Crime" episode highlighted how they fight like an old married couple.

    I just won't believe that the possibility of a future romance isn't there because all the denials from the showrunner were made months ago, and yet, the writers continue to write in little intimate scenes and the director keeps allowing--practically encourages even--Melissa O'Neil and Eric Winter (the actors) to keep building on the chemistry & keep showing little microexpressions like stealing glances at each other and similar flirting/attraction microexpressions, and then the writers/directors were allowed to continue having other characters to act suspicious about Chenford's level of intimacy and connection. If the showrunner was absolutely against a future romance, all of that would have been suppressed or shut down. Plus, no one turns down a dream job for a rookie, unless there was something else there besides a feeling of responsibility after saving her life.

    Maybe the only place I'll see love blossom is in fanfiction. Maybe the only way it would happen is like Stabler/Bensen: years later after they've both established themselves and are comfortable with who they are and secure in their relationships. But I can still dream I'll actually get to see it,

  • Melody Blaz - 2 years ago

    sorry PS no officer would postpone a promotion that he has worked 12 years for... to finish training a boot... wouldn't happen except that he has feelings for her that he doesn't want to leave her... NEVER EVER would happen... not for the I haven't finished training a rookie. Even the Sgt knows something is going on between them the look he gave Chin when she got so excited when Tim passed the Sgt's exam ... SGT looked at her like hmmm she is really excited for Tim... that was something that I don't see ever happening.. it would be like let me clean out my locker and I will see you all later... he cares enough about her to pass up the promotion and the pay raise that would come with it.. and also better hours. In time their relationship will develop :)

  • Melody D Blaz - 2 years ago

    Yes... they clearly have feelings for each others... I love Tim and Lucy together she is the only one who makes him smile... and everyone needs that... they depend on the support of each other... trust relationships between officers are much better then relationships between law enforcement and private citizens I speak from 20 plus years being married to an officer... the divorce rate for them is higher then any other groups of people in the country... I don't see that happening with them my cousin who is a CHP married a female CHP and they had a relationship that truly worked....The only issue that would or should happen cuz in the real world officers get married one of them has to change offices... not that experienced Law Enforcement Officers would not have the tendency (even though it would be hard) to leave their partner to help their spouse... which is one of the big reason's why John and Lucy should not have been in a relationship... cuz they can't send one to another office as married couples would... and as we saw John left his partner to go try to protect Lucy and left his TO behind who could have died when she got pulled into the car with the criminal... she could have died that day and it would have been John's ... Rookies are still trying to adjust to the life style of an Officer. I was glad to see when they were going to deal with the virus was to tell them to call their immediate family to stay out of places with large groups of people... he wasn't doing it to be nice he was doing it to get his troops back focused on their work and not worrying about their family... years ago I saw that work when the levy in our community was about to break and the town would have been flooded he told them to get their families out of town so they would come back and focus on what they needed to do. One of the reason's they have couples in different offices. They are also right it would be inappropriate for Tim to allow a relationship to develop besides the emotions that can't be really controlled but it would be like when in the military where superior officers are not allowed to have a relationship with some one lower in rank cuz it can be perceived that the superior officer could be looked at that their superior position as forcing the other into a relationship to keep their job. Tim would never step over that line white he was still Lucy's TO... Someone had said on another site that it would be gross if they got together because of the trauma Lucy went through.. many relationships develop out of stressful situations... when I was still married to a policeman... we had a friend who was killed in the line of duty... his partner was also shot but survived.. when he healed he would go over to his partners widow help with stuff that her husband would have done... helped their kids with sports... and over time they developed a relationship that eventually led to them getting married... it took years but it still happens.. they dealt with a similar but not equal loss and that and his helping her and her kids developed into marriage. So saying that Tim would be gross if he eventually develop a love relationship with Lucy because of her trauma is just garbage... he never mentioned that Lucy saved Tim her second day as a Rookie... Long Story BUT I really want them to become a couple really really :)

  • Cadence - 2 years ago

    Yesss! It better happen or I will be seriously MAD! Chen and Bradford are perfect together, and Tim is even VERY HOT MAN person that Lucy doesn't get scared by.. #CHENFORD

  • Megan - 2 years ago

    Yes definitely!!!! Chenford better happen because you can clearly see that they love each other. By the way they look at each other!!!!

  • sanra - 3 years ago

    Tucy should definitely happen !!!

  • Avana - 3 years ago

    Yayyy we’re winning Tim and Lucy together would honestly make the show 10x better plus the slow burn damnnn

  • Natalie - 3 years ago


  • Lina - 3 years ago

    Yes definitely!! Chenford better happen!

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