'Love Life': Grade Season 1 overall

  • Ulanda Sanders - 3 weeks ago

    Wow! I turned 60 during the pandemic year of 2020. My oldest daughter, whose first job out of college took her to Spain in 2019, had to abruptly return home to the US in March of 2020. She was devastated! I was happy to have her home and safe! I was grateful for the chance to reconnect as mom and daughter.. We talked alot and I quickly realized that I was so "out of touch" with what was happening in her "dating" world! When I was her age, it was the 80's and the culture was different. I graduated from college in 1983. My stories of how I handled situations during my "single" years were somewhat obsolete!
    This show, "Love Life", really gave me an "educational tour" into today's culture for those in their 20's! I plan to ask my daughter to watch this series to see how it speaks to her. I will come back with an update. I am an "older" parent. I had my first child at 29 and my last child at 39, and this series is not merely entertaining but very educational! Thanks Sam Boyd and team!

  • Dani Giesbrecht - 4 months ago

    Loved the show immensely!!!! Anna Kendrick Rocks at whatever she does. I'm well over 50 and a Mom, Granny and I'M HOOKED ON LOVE LIFE!!

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