Grade the Season 4 finale of 'Insecure':


  • Akilah - 3 years ago

    Very very good! I’ve waited three years to see Issa and Lawrence back together. I knew Condola was pregnant, she called too many times and wouldn’t let up. I don’t think Issa and Lawrence will rekindle. Condola is real competition and has her life together. She is going to hold Lawrence to task! Issa will always feel insecure when compared to Condola

  • Banks - 3 years ago

    I thot the episode was kind of overwhelming , i love issa she's very genuin n loving , i also think him n Nathan kind of do it for me Nathan has his way of making her feel good enough n respected i love their spark , Lawrence on the otherside side is a good guy too n very handsome however i feel unsure abt his feelings or if he means what he wants or just still figuring things out he makes me a bit uncomftable not a knowledging or admitting 1st, Condola story breaks me it should be a lesson to all , there will always be consequences to taking the easy road n there's nothing any1 can do at this point if she feels ready to keep the child fortunately for her /unfortunately to Iss n Lawrence type of outcomes u can expect after banding around. Honesty is key so you dont mess ur future. I am sad for them though their dream has been flamed

  • Jay K. - 3 years ago

    I think this episode was great in showing the growth and lack thereof with Issa and Molly. It seems Molly wanted to blame Issa if her relationship didn't work from the street party debacle but in the end Molly only had herself to blame. Her therapist was right all along. I really wanted to see Andrew and Molly work but if you can't get along with family...that was very telling. Issa's growth is beautiful. I loved the beginning what she asked about the flowers...funeral or fun, all flowers die. Issa has become less selfish (Molly more). Issa has become less messy...don't take it there with Lawrence..funeral flowers. Everything that Molly says Issa is, she is. How ironic?!?!? Sidenote, More of issa's mother and brother please! I'm here for it.

  • JSeG - 3 years ago

    Too much time spent on Tiff. I feel for her but I figured that was going to happen to her mid-season. Disappointed they spent so much of the finale on her. I think Issa & Nathan make a better match. Lawrence got fit & a job. Why does this make them so good together? I don’t get it. Nathan & Issa are so cute & their chemistry can’t be denied!

  • Akosua - 3 years ago

    I knew she was preg. I felt it. There were too many contacts and convos going on the night of their magical date. I know that exactly feeling Issa felt when she heard that news. So sad. I do hope in season 5 they can push through this. We will see. I’m not sure about Molly and Andrew. They left that too open for me to tell what the REAL outcome is. You know this show and it’s twists. Lol. Postpartum depression is real y’all. Don’t make anyone tell you different. Poor Tiff!!! She will push through.

  • Lady V - 3 years ago

    Didn't expect the pregnancy cars scenario too overused. Wanted Issa to have a choice of which man really seen her Growth. Nathan I believe made a better fit for her. So sad Sista has to always have to deal with Baby Mama drama Dam.

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