Which one of the following proposed reforms to policing would best impact issues of excessive use of force, if any?

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  • Jerry - 3 years ago

    Office of City Attorney requires more comprehensive control & oversight. A Municipal Department that seeks to mitigate the monetary damages by their Cities Police Dept. thru Civil Court proceedings requires first that they operate fairly during the suspect criminal court proceedings. The City Attorney is funded by the tax payers within their district. When there are complaints against a specific Officer by a suspect whom the Officer arrested. Where this same suspect requests that complaint thru the Criminal Court proceedings. How the City addressed those complaints & the actual complaint requires the complaint to be surrender to the Office of Prosecuting Attorney, This is altruistic belief, since the Office of City Attorney has been known to withhold those complaints until after the suspects criminal trial). There must be a chain of custody: Visible documentation on where this complaint is at all times by members of the Judicial Branch, (suspects attorney being a member). Its has been observed where the suspect's complaint is withheld & does not show up until 3 years after the complaint was filed and a year after the criminal trial. i.e. handicapping the suspect whom wants to have a proactive defense.

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