How many games will the Panthers win?


  • Charles Leon Bailey - 3 years ago

    I Really Believe Carolina Panthers made "Bad" 2020 Darft Choose: No doubt Derrick Brown's a Force; However they still Could have pick his Counter Partner at Auburn #3 and kept Unity Soils. Also We had a Chance too Grab " Jacob Eason" QB also Top WR also Another Great Tailback Cam Acres or Darrayton Evans App. State... ???? Fire last year's Draft Committee Please! Always Pick Who Won Berancik Runner -Up award or Hesiman ???? Runner-up.. (Free Agency) was in Inceridable though: We filled in a lot Much need Spots: Where still missing a back-Up for Mccalffery an Start P.J. Walker first too keep Teddy Bridgewater Health it's going too be a Long Season.. If We can find more great Veterans before free-Agency deadline starts for (OL) (LB) (CB) All time great Return Man.. Will Win the NFC Conference.. Charles Leon Bailey predictions Early: NFC title Tampa bay verse Philpdehia Eagles.. AFC title Kansas City verse Baltimore Ravens. Baltimore beat Patriots too get there, Kansas City beat Tennessee Titans get back Superbowl. Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat Atlanta falcons too get there, Eagles beat Rams get there. Or Carolina Panthers will finish 10-6 an Miss the Wild card Game do too: Dallas Cowboys or Green Bay Packers or Pittsburg Steelers

  • Bill - 3 years ago

    Who really cares? When the panthers started to take PC liberal positions I like many more walked away and will never watch another NFL game...........GOOD RIDDANCE

    Hey new owner.............the prisoners are running the jail and you're in it.

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