TV Theme Songs ('50s/'60s): Vote for the TWO (2) best!

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  • Kent Kotal - 6 months ago

    How do you leave BONANZA off this list?!?!

  • Ashley - 10 months ago

    I Dream, of Jeanie and Bewitched should so be on this list.

  • Lard - 10 months ago

    I dream of Jeannie and bewitched!!!

  • Bella - 10 months ago


  • Angelfan - 10 months ago

    Daniel Boone theme also, I like that one more than Davy Crockett I wish we could've voted for 4 rather than 2.

  • Mommaknowsbest - 10 months ago

    Only TWO VOTES??? You’re killing me!!

  • Rick - 10 months ago


  • Mike - 10 months ago

    What about The Partridge Family?

  • Robert Tomassi - 10 months ago

    I vote for the Theme song for Peter Gunn which was not on your list. Also what about the ballad of Davy Crockett and The theme song for Paladin. Both songs were written for tv shows.

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