Who is the better Forward?

  • Richard Monk - 3 months ago

    Great piece!!! it's always a great debate who is better they are great in there own right but for me there always something just that extra with Messi. I find him more a team player and with team attitude.
    I don't see Messi ever leaving Barcelona.
    The way he moves when he dribbles and the power he gets in a shot with out a run up. Definitely the best 2 players in my generation (I'm 31)

  • Phil Leyland - 4 months ago

    Messi is the best I’ve ever saw. 9 out of 10 every week and I’ve never saw anyone play that consistently. I’m 53 so saw a lot including Pele and Maradonna

  • Collin Caspian - 9 months ago

    Anyone who watches football will easily know who the better player is. Lionel Messi is an extremely talented player. He's the best without a doubt.

  • Corey Gavin - 9 months ago

    Ronaldo maybe the second best player of all time...If Messi retired right now he still would be the greatest ever but i sure would love to see Argentina when the next World Cup with Leo leading the way and him scoring the winner with one of his dazzling runs while having defenders flailing and failing mercilessly to tackle him en route...Let his last touch be a beautifully curled ball with blistering pace just eking past the goalkeepers outstretched fingers and hitting the twine about a quarter inch inside the left upright of the goal ensuring his place in history as the greatest player who ever lived scoring the greatest goal ever scored on the grandest stage... Thank you Corey Gavin.

  • Peter Marsman - 10 months ago

    Thanks for the hard work. Very detailed and helpful analysis. Congratulations!

  • Tosin - 10 months ago

    Very insightful piece. Detailed. Thumbs up

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